The Old News
If you enjoy ARMA 1 & 2 be warned ARMA 3 is Steam powered and it sucks!
Steam is a third party system that gives your game one more reason not to work.
Please read the reviews pages about ARMA 3 for more infromation.

It seems like when I just about get things caught up on the websites I get to start all over again.

Some of you know I investigate all kinds of interesting things including UFOs and the paranormal.  Those who know me personally are also aware that I've cast demons out of people and locations with 100% success rate.  I don't claim to be a preacher but I've done some preaching.  I closed a portal to the underworld 25 or so years ago and it's still closed.  I don't know anyone who can say they've done that but I am aware there are a handful of people who know as much as I do and some perhaps more.  I'm glad there are, and I can say there are not enough of us.

I was asked to look in on a FB group called Dangers of the Paranormal.  I learned they were teaching that you could get demons by watching paranormal TV shows.  These people reminded me of the witch hunters who burned and murdered numerous innocent people in years past.  We wonder how in the world those people back then could have been so utterly stupid.  Let me tell you there are people in the world today who are just as gullable and just as stupid. I told them 3 times you don't get demons from watching TV but you can attract evil spirits through paranoia and fear.  It's like bleeding into shark invested water.  It attracts predators.  Then I found out the guy leading the group claimed to be a paranormal investigator and demonologist.
This guy was seeing demons in every tree! It didn't take long to learn he was a scam artist intending to milk those saps for all they are worth.  He certainly doesn't want someone like me warning them about him.  So he banned me then began telling them I was sending demons after people and what an awful time he had getting rid of them.  If the guy can't keep demons out of his own house he can't keep them out of anyone else's.  I didn't send them, anyone who knows me personally knows better than to believe that.  Then again "His" people don't know me or who he is and what he's doing to them.

A girl came to chat with me from that group, told me 3 times she was an incarnated angel then gave me the name of a demon saying that was her angel name.  She said several books were down right lies like the book of Enoch and then said the Bible was so far off she laughed so hard she can't read it.  Angel?  Right!  She said there are only 3 dimensions and they exist only 3 feet apart.  She said there is no hell, but we exist in hell now.  I listened to this teenage girl spew nonsense for about 30 min then told her to remember the real angels are watching.  She said "Hh?" like she had no clue.  The one thing she said that is dead on correct is that demons use people's fear and paranoia to manipulate people.  She went straight back to the Dangers of the Paranoid group and told them I was talking bad about God's angels and they believed it so fast without question that it would take your breath away.  So if you stumble into a group called Dangers of the Paranormal run for your life.  Their leader is over there fleecing those poor gullable souls as fast as he can.  If they knew he and his "angel" friend were the cause of their problems I wonder if they would be smart enough to know what they fell for?  Some how I kinda doubt it.

Megan Martin Novels
We got a new publisher for the reedited condensed version of the Megan Martin series.  Yeah they said they would help sell the books, place the books in bookstores and all that but never said how. They intend to make us pay to have our books placed in any individual bookstore.  If they had told me this to start with I would never have given them the first revised condensed Megan Martin - Medallion Mystery.  They refused to send us our first two boxes of books and after phone calls, emails and a certified letter to their CEO a year later they finally sent them.  We are afraid to order any more for fear they'll keep the money and not send us the books. To make things worse they priced the little books at $25 to start with which is double what they should.  No kid is going to pay $25 for a book.  Yes Publish America has priced our books right out of business.  The likelihood of them ever getting any more business from us is ZIP!  I apologize to our readers and fans for our lack of ability to get a good publisher. We do have the novels and we sell them for $15 each.  We paid them $100 to have these converted to E-books and wouldn't you know it they charge $25 for them as well.  Their rep told me theres no reason why an E-book should cost any less than a printed book and if so wanted someone to explain it, so I did.  Now they don't like me at all.   I told them I have 9 more novels and they won't get one of them.  I told them if they don't work with me they are not working for me.

The new adult version of the Megan Martin series is in PDF and MP3 audio formats.
The first three books are written. Ember Reign 3 is tons of action mixed comedy is without question the most entertaining of the series so far!

Laura and Bryon return from a paranormal investigation in Virginia City, NV.
See the Spooky Places website for details, video, pictures and EVPs.

We are now editing video on an iMac with Final Cut Pro 2

We are currently in the Florida Keys on a diving trip.  Pictures at this URL.

We were in Las Vegas, NV at the Universal Passing Over event.  We documented the event and I spoke at that event.  The video is on the Spooky Places website in Events.

They keep us busy. We are editing "The Sound of Music" for Southside High School. We even started a website for them but have not had a lot of time to work on it.
Halloween the Loose Canon production team was in Las Vegas, NV having a ball.  We are headed back from Rachel, NV near Area 51.  You can read more about our trip on the Spooky Places news page and our Vegas Page!
Karma & Steve Erwin
I really loved the ol Croc Hunter.  Sometimes when I saw Steve on the screen playing with dangerous animals I would say something like "one of these days his luck is going to run out."  I said that because one of the things I've observed in my life is the more you dance to a certain kind of music the more likely you will have to pay the piper.  The other thing I said is "It's the one you don't expect that gets you."  Steve "Croc Hunter" Erwin gave up his life over a dangerous animal he didn't expect to hurt him.  He let down his guard and now he's dead at the age of 44.  He left his wife and two children, along with a lot of those who loved him including me.  Know when to hold em, know when to fold emSteve never knew when to quit and his time ran out, and we are all very sorry for the loss.  The big question is has Steve's efforts actually done anything to help the world? No doubt there are crocs alive today who would be dead if not for him, but how does that help in the great scheme of things?  People are more aware thanks to Steve and his team.

I've watched others like Evil Kanivel who spent their lives in the fast and dangerous lane and eventually if they don't quit before they get killed death itself will track them down in it's own time and place and make them pay for all the times they cheated it in the past.

Kristy's Car
To see larger picture.
See larger picture.
95%-98% of all UFO Sightings are Not Reported.
The Arkansas
Brown Snake
Let me introduce one of our little friends who lives in our back yard.  These harmless little snakes live in a lot of yards in Arkansas.  Their common name is "Brown Snake."  The longest one we have is aprox. 16" and about a half inch wide. She's the largest brown snake I've ever seen. She just had 36 very tiny babies.  The brown snake can act ferocious when frightened but it's all bluff. Pick one up and they realize you called their bluff.  I've never known one to bite a person and if they did their little teeth are so small it wouldn't even break the skin.  They eat snails, slugs and fishing worms.  They are completely harmless and beneficial to have around.  If you find one please do not hurt it.  Click here to see the baby snakes! MOV file.

Mercury 20 hp
It's an amazing story.  I found this outboard in a chicken shed in Oklahoma.  I paid $100 for it and drug it out of the crap.  This engine had not been run in more than a year.  We got the pull starter freed up, shot some WD 40 into the cylinders, put the plugs back in and pulled the rope and it started on the first pull and continued to run.
Please Consider This

It makes no difference what you say there's always someone out there who will do their best to make you feel bad about it.

No good deed goes unpunished.

It makes no difference how much you ask for when you know you won't get anything for your efforts.

An ounce of good will is better than a truck load of best intentions.

$8,500 of good will got us a "thank you" and "God bless."  You can't take either to the bank or eat it.

It doesn't matter how much you care, some people are just ass-holes including relitives.

It seems the less a person knows about something the more determined they are to prove it.

So they tell me...
Our prisons are full of completely normal innocent people! ;-)

Most insane people don't kill anyone!  Their just crazy!

Hitler may have had a mental disorder but that wasn't what made him massacre all those people!


Yes someone actually said that to me a few days ago while bashing me for saying Hitler, Jones, Manson and a few others were mentally ill.  I'm no longer a member of that forum. :-)  I'm inclined to believe at least half the population has a mental illness or disorder.  I know for a fact the movie and TV business is full of mentally unstable people who think they know what we want.  I also know for a fact these same people actually manipulate their shows movies and ads to influence the masses.
The Adventures of Megan Martin
Is out of print!
June 17st, 2006

They sold out in the stores very quickly.  The good news is we still have a few left.  The other good news is we have been contacted by publishers who are interested in the new Ember Reign series.

The Good News is a new publisher has picked up the reedited original series!  We dropped "The Adventures Of" and now the first book is "Megan Martin - The Medallion Mystery."  The first book is condensed with errors and story continuity fixed.  It's 13,000 words shorter than the original.

The rewrite of the first novel.

In order to move out of the "children's author" stigma the author Mr. Bryon Smith has made dramatic changes in the story and in his writing style.  The original series was very wordy, Ember Reign is direct to the point and written for older teens and adults.

In the original we read that Megan was 10 years old when her grandpa Fred died.  In the rewrite Megan starts out 12 years old on the farm with her grandparents.  You get to find out what happened before the death of grandpa Fred that caused Martha to sell Megan's cow pony Sparky.  You get to read conversations between Megan and grandpa Fred and why the two were so close.  You read about when and why grandpa Fred gave Scratches to Megan.

In the original story Megan was 15 when she returned to the farm.  In the rewrite Megan is 17 and it's May who talks her into returning to the farm.  You will find out what that was about in the rewrite.

The first series was "squeaky clean" but the rewrite isn't, it's quite a bit more like real life.  Two teenage girls talk like real teenage girls.  You might not want little children to read it.

For those of you who loved the angel Payah the junk food junky we apologize.  Payah isn't exactly a fun loving being in the rewrite.  We hope you like his new style and if you are a real mystery buff we think you will.

Another very dramatic but important change in the story is that you are introduced to several characters who were not introduced until novel 6.  The time line of Megan's events finding and learning to use the crown runs side by side with "black" or ultra secret events being conducted by the government.  Oh yes, and Simon Banister may be after Martha's farm but he wants it because he believes that Fred had an artifact that Simon wants to add to his own collection.

One more thing.  There's a creepy hatchet wielding hobo living on the farm now in the west barn.

The Ramblings
I've been having apocalyptic dreams speaking of some kind of serious world changing events.  These can be found posted on my new dream website.

We do not succeed by killing each other.  We succeed by learning to get along .  We are smarter, stronger and more able when we work together as a team.  The powers of evil know this and they don't like it when we as people and nations work together.  Terrorists don't want you to get along with your neighbors, it scares the hell out of them.  Since we know the devil doesn't like it either it should give you a clue who's behind so much trouble in the world.

Stop having babies!
If you put to many fish in a fish tank the water mucks up and the fish die.  That's what's happening to our world right now.  The prophecy warned of wars, natural and unnatural disasters, plagues and famine.  That's what happens when you over-populate an area.  In our case the entire earth.  When all these things happen do you think the people will learn what went wrong and avoid it in their future?

The Night Menace 1-7-2008  4AM
I have a sleep disorder that causes me all kinds of health problems including fybromyalga, TMJ, nerves, digestive track, etc. and I live in pain 24-7.  I take pills for pain and to help me sleep.  Others including some family and friends and think, don't complain, I'm a lucky guy compared to them.  I took my pills before I went to bed, check the time on this segment.  By the time I rolled around in bed for more than an hour and realized I couldn't go back to sleep, I gave up.

In my youth I was a fairly good kid, I liked other people and tried to be nice.  Bullies pounding on me turned me into someone I hated. I wasn't always a nice guy.  I got into trouble now and then which I regret but the thing that knocked my socks off was a lie someone told about me to someone else to save their own skin.  At 19 fear for my life set me on the run and began the transformation back toward the light and truth.  No mater where I went someone including strangers were trying to kill me night and day.  God looked out for me.  He put me in the fire, took me out then put me back in again over and over like a master copper smith.  I didn't know who I was but I sure knew who I didn't want to be.  I didn't want to be that mean kid I had become.  I couldn't undo the mean things I had done and said but I did apologize to some of the people.

I've become a very good observer.  I do have some spiritual gifts, and God shows me astounding things that normal people don't get to see or understand.  I see people for who they are inside.  I try to help and be kind to others.  I've had some of those others do just about every kind of mean thing you can think of to me, just because I cared about them.  I've learned the devil, demons and shadow entities are real.  I've learned that not all hauntings are ghosts of the dead. I've learned that I do some of my best work when I'm sick to death miserable.  I've learned it doesn't always pay to tell some people the truth, when that's not what they want to hear.  I've learned there are right and wrong ways to tell people the truth especially if that truth hurts.  There are ways to tell the truth to help someone without being rude.  I've learned there are those out there like Hillary Duff who have not learned this lesson.  I've learned you only get one chance to make a first impression.  I've learned there are "voices/thoughts" in my head that wake me at night and won't let me go back to sleep.  I've given my pain a name, I call it the night menace.  I've also learned a new writing style that is much more effective, that's the good news.  I've also learned the fire of the process of learning how to write efficiently has taken the joy from my writing.  When I write instead of enjoying the labor of love I become depressed.  Now it's just another job.

The Mentality of Hollywood
The mentality of Hollywood has changed over the years into something we no longer recognize as an American product.  My dad and I walked through K-Mart the other day and found hundreds of items made in China but not one thing made in the good old USA.  Wise people warned Americans over the past 50 years these things were happening and that it would transform America into something un-American.  Most of the people said they didn't believe it.  It's happening all around us and by the time Americans wake up it will be to late.  In fact it's all ready to late.  Foreign interests all ready own major businesses in America.  They have a powerful influence over Americans.  The days to come will reveal what the enemy has in store for America.

Hollywood is not interested in showing or doing what is good for America or people of the world in general.  Hollywood is in the business of 1) Making money. 2) Controlling and influencing the minds of the viewers.  3. Limiting access of independent writers and producers in the business, or putting them out of business, including Stephen Spielberg's Dream Works.

Hollywood and the BBC are literally controlled by mentally unbalanced people.  The movie and TV business is filled with people on drugs, therapy and people who need to be.  Their working environment and pressures are insane so why shouldn't they be?  These people are the ones who dictate to the rest of the world what they will watch on TV.

Hollywood and the BBC can pump crap to our screens because it caters to it's own kind.  It's not what you know.  It's not what you got.  It's all about who you know.  If you know the right people you can sell sewage and Hollywood and the BBC will pump it straight to our screens.  They are telling writers to "dumb it down."  The shows and movies we watch are the "food" we feed our brains.  People become what they consume.

Less than 1% of your movie and TV stars are who they appeared to be.  Don't envy these people!  What they have in fame and fortune they lack in everything money can't buy.  Yes it's true there are things people need that money can't buy.  The stars we watch on TV and in movies put on one face for the public and another when the camera's arn't watching.  I know from personal experience.

They Sing and Dance telling us how our dreams can come true.  There's a catch!
If people actually realized what the catch and hidden agenda is they would rise up in arms and go after the movie making and TV business with a vengeance.  As long as they can keep us memorized believing the lie we keep watching and do nothing.  Do you really believe "Reality TV" is real?  Oh please "get real!"  If you watch that garbage you aren't doing yourself or anyone else any good.  Switch to Animal Channel, Discovery the Smithsonian, NASA or the Learning Channel.  Now and then HBO family has something worth watching.

I've been writing (12y) and shooting video productions (20y) long enough that I know how the business works. I've met, dealt with and been robbed by these people at every turn.  I've been kicked, slapped, insulted and beaten down over and over again until I carry a great sadness within.  The only pleasure I find now is in the writing itself.  My writing style has changed dramatically in the last year.  Now I write for me and for a handful of fans.  I find no joy in trying to communicate with people in the businesses.  If I don't keep myself busy working for someone who appreciates my efforts I find myself seriously depressed, physically ill and nonfunctional.  I have friends who are successful authors who are on medication and therapy, some are even on suicide watch.  Why would a successful author have so many problems?  I assure you it's the nature of dealing with publishers and the entertainment industries.

Do not believe Hezb'allah lies.  Read the facts.

The president of Lebanon admitted he has no idea what Hezbollah does in his country and that's the way he likes it!  He said the fact that no one knows what Hezbollah does is why they are so effective!  They can do anything they want, tell him anything they want and he's licking their asses like it's candy!  He says that Israel was just using the fact that Hezbollah attacked Israel and kidnapped two soldiers as an excuse to attack Lebanon!  He knows they did it and he doesn't see anything wrong with that.  This poor man is actually happy that he has no idea what Hezbollah does in his country!  He doesn't care that Hezbollah attacked Israel in the first place.  This man sees exactly what he wants to see.  The fact that he admits he has no idea what Hezbollah is doing in Lebanon tells us that he's not a good leader of that countryA good leader should know everything that goes on in their country in regards to their military or in this case the occupying military Hezbollah and they should have control over itHe should have known exactly what happened and should have kicked Hezbollah out of his country instantly.  If he had done the right thing in the first place there would not have been a war.  These people who think like this are incapable of comprehending what's really going on around them.

Another Arab who was interviewed said basically the same thing.  When he was asked about Hezbollah attacking Israel and kidnapping those soldiers he said something like "That kind of thing happens, it's nothing.  We kidnap Israeli soldiers to trade for prisoners, it happens all the time." Just as if the practice was acceptable and expected.

Israel doesn't attack unless they are being attacked.  Israel doesn't want to occupy Lebanon
, they have enough of their own problems to deal with.  They don't want a war with anyone, but the Muslim radicals won't leave Israel alone.  The way they keep this mental thing going is through a few key people who keep repeating the same lies over and over until others begin to repeat it as well.  The more a lie is repeated the more some people will believe and accept it.  The more people who believe it the more people repeat it and the cycle is perpetual.  This is the "darkness" and this is the "lie" these Arabs and many Muslims are under.  Another thing that's very interesting is how Hezbollah is paying people who's homes have been destroyed.  Sure they should, they caused it in the first place.  Second of all they are paying these people off with US dollars!  A U.S. they hate!

All of these things were foretold and the war between the children of light and the children of darkness is what it's all about.  In the end everyone must make a choice and decide who's side their on.  Israel was given the land and God restored His people to the land.  He said they will not again leave that land until His return.  He said they will be attacked by their neighbors, the enemy of Israel.  There will be wars and rumors of wars until the great war comes that brings Christ back again.

God talks to people, especially His people.  The problem with people is they tend to "hear" what they choose to hear.  One day a Catholic Emailed me trying to "correct" me concerning things I had written on my spiritual things pages.  Then God told me concerning the Catholics, "They kill my prophets.  They try to kill my prophets."  I thought the message was somewhat confusing.  But was it?  God frequently gives me messages without explanations.  Never the less, there it was.  Usually in time the message becomes clear.

I was watching the History channel the Da Vinci Code.  The Da Vinci Code says that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and they had a daughter who married into French royalty.  I don't believe everything I see or readDuring the program a great deal of interesting history and facts are revealed.   In this we discover there were a group of people who were Christians who were opposed to the Roman Orthodox church.  To us that is the Catholic church.  The Cathars preached against the abominations and sins of the Catholic church and the Catholic church in turn inspired the French king to have all the Cathars murdered.  Could this be one of the things God was making reference to when He told me 'They' "The Catholic church" murders my prophets?"  Since I have heard these are not the only other Christians the Catholic church was responsible for murdering.  The Catholic church also murdered scientists who proclaimed the earth is round not flat.  And others who said the earth rotated around the sun and is not the center of the universe.  These people were telling the truth, yet "The Church" had them executed for telling the truth.  God is well aware of the murders that have been done in His name.

Pilot sought to release Jesus but the Pharisees insisted that Jesus was guilty and must be put to death
.  The religious leaders intended to represent God's wishes and laws among the people were the very people who instigated the plot against God's only son.  Should we be surprised when those who say they represent God's will on earth have God's real children put to death?
While it is true that one of the producers at the Oprah show did contact us concerning our our books her show only helps those who can help Oprah back in some way.

As for Oprah, I admire her for all the obstacles she has overcome in her life.  I admire the lessons she teaches and the dreams she makes happen for those who otherwise may never have hope. (
The catch being it has to be program worthy for her show.  If it doesn't help the Oprah show it doesn't pay the bills.)  The thing that I find disturbing is that a person is more likely to get on her show if they are all ready a celebrity, or if they are a junky, rapist, murderer, adulterer, Sadist, Masochist, or has some other very serious psychological problem.  Meaning if you don't need help at all, or if you are so messed up you are not functional in society you have a much better chance of being on the Oprah show.  It's not the Oprah show fault; this is what gets the ratings.  This is apparently what the people want to see.  After watching her show for over 3 months now I've come to the conclusion that less than 5% of her shows are things that I am interested in.  Recently I saw an interview with a woman who was held captive in Iraq by terrorists.  She said she was treated well but had to watch everything she did.  She said the only show she could watch on TV that didn't get her in some trouble was Oprah!  Go figure.

Hillary Duff & Dreams
The good news is I've not had a dream with Hillary Duff in it for months! :-) 8-17-2006.
Update still no Hillary dreams 1-9-2007! :-)  Update 2-9-20010 Still not one Hillary dream! :-)
Update 11-25-2012 Still not one Hillary dream! :-)
If I ever have another dream with Hillary Duff in it I will consider it a warning!

The bad news is I still have not figured out why I had a series of dreams with her in them and then the odd events that followed that seemed to be trying to tell me something important.  I had many dreams with her in it and her face kept changing and for some reason it didn't make sense to me then but it make perfect sense now.  People with multiple faces are deceivers, liars and manipulators and that fits her perfectly.  There isn't much more disturbing than to do something nice for someone only to have them kick you in the face for it.  In my estimation a person who does that isn't a nice person.  I pride myself in being a fair judge of a person's character.  You can't judge a person's character over a movie or TV screen!  Actors and politicians are expert liars, literally trained in the profession of deception.  They usually never are what or who they appear to be.  This goes along with selling their souls to the devil.

Ever Heard of the "Pass It Along" thing?
I have spent more than 90% of my life trying to help other people.  I am not a self serving person.  If I get help with something you can bet I'll take what I get and go help someone else with it.  I'm nothing like Hillary Duff or her friends.  I work with/for very talented teen's (actors, singers, dancers) on a regular bases and without question most of them are better and more talented than Hillary Duff.  I know teens who can out sing, out dance and out preform Hillary on every point.  Some of them are professionals doing regular shows every week.  You know something, they are nice people and they have been good to me.   The one thing that Hillary Duff excels at is hiding what a rotten person she really is.  I guess her and the devil have a lot in common.  She is exactly what her mother and show business has made her.

Hillary Duff has a mean streak that most people never get to see.
I send my apologies for ever defending this girl to anyone on any forum that I have visited.  There are people out there on the Internet who know the real Hillary Duff.  When I read some of the things they wrote I was horrified and told them they were wrong.  The truth is they were right and I didn't want to believe the truth.  Now that I've accepted the truth about her I have these haunting things that happen to me at any given hour of the day.  This morning at 3AM the voices started and wouldn't shut up.  So guess what, I'm not asleep in bed where I should be, I'm sick at my stomach and up working on websites!  Before the day is over my fybromyalga will flair up and put me in some serious pain.  Thanks Hillary, I'm sure someone or something will return the favor some day.

Since my entire life has been a cruel lesson in truth I'm forced to not only face the truth about Hillary Duff I'm inspired to share that truth.  Hillary Duff was a cutesy actress bought by the system.  She is a mediocre singer and dancer.  She is not the nice person she likes to portray when in front of the cameras.  She is just another person who's been transformed by a very ruthless entertainment system.  Remember, a kind word can save a life.  A cruel word can cost a life.  Hillary D. has skeletons in her closet, a list of cruel hurtful down right mean things she's said or done to innocent people.  One day when the score is totaled she will see where she stands and I doubt she will like it.  I know when the time is right Hillary Duff will find out she's not so hot or as good as some of those she's walked on or kicked in the face.  While she's telling herself she's a good person people like me will be out there actually helping real people.

About the Hillary Duff Dreams
2-7-2008: New dream with Brittany Spears ended with info and a reminder about Hillary Duff dreams.  Finally I get an explanation and reminder about the Hillary Duff dreams and how I saw her face constantly changing in some of those dreams.  It means she puts on different faces for different people.  It means she's a big FAKE!  Now I really feel rotten because I misunderstood the meaning of those dreams.

It's not the fact that I had dreams with Hillary Duff in them that disturbed me.  In the past my dreams had meaning and purpose.  My dreams foretold important things like the Space Shuttle disasters.  I saw the star wars weapons going up before anyone heard about them.  Our government still says they are not up there but I assure you they are.  I saw the WMD in Iraq and knew the war was coming before it was on the newsThe WMD really were in Iraq just like they said.  They found barrels of chemicals and shells that had the WMD!  The fact so many are now saying that it wasn't there is very disturbing to know just how ignorant the human population is.  Several of the generals still say it was there and it was moved and they want to know where it went.  I saw it more than once in viewpoint dreams loaded on trucks and they were hiding it and moving it.  What wasn't destroyed is still out there, someone has it.  I saw them gearing up for the conflict between Israel and Lebanon before the first attack.  I've seen the military gearing up for more wars that have yet to take place.  I've even seen another shuttle disaster and hope it can be avoided on this one I see the brothers.

When Hillary Duff parted ways with Disney I woke up one morning from a dream with her in it literally saying her name.  I was extremely puzzled and thought God must have some message coming to me or through me.  After several more dreams with her I set out to try to find some way to contact her thinking maybe it was about my Megan Martin series.  Then out of the blue about a month or so later I was contacted by a friend in Reno who said she was going to meet Hillary Duff.  She asked if there was something I wanted her to give her.  I sent a letter and two of my novels.  Her mom, Susan Duff asked for the screenplays and this changed my direction with my story work.  I took a course and adapted the first two novels to screenplay format.  I thought I had done well but my instructor told us what we should do but refused to review our work without being paid another $500-$1,000.  I bought two books, one that my instructor wrote and both were seriously lacking in certain areas.  I read other screenplays that I downloaded online.  I read mistakes and transferred those mistakes into my workSo the screenplays I sent to Susan and Hillary Duff stunk and I'm so very sorry about that!  The books I gave her have a good story line but were not well written.  I'm sorry but they were my first published novels written for a 10 year old girl more than 11 years ago.  I've spent years and thousands of dollars changing my writing style.  I won't make the same mistakes I made before.  It was corrected before Ember Reign was published.

I paid my screenplay instructor $1,250 to read over my work and tell me how to fix it.  He told me I had some good original ideas but my format was bad and the story was weak in screenplay format.  He said it won't work, no one will want it.  He told me what to do.  The rewritten second screenplay "The Underworld" renamed "Project Fallen Angel" was finished and approved by professional screenwriter Skip Press.  While I enjoyed the challenge and writing the screenplay I'm not moving to LA or selling my soul to the devil just to try to get an agent! I now have a close friend in L.A. who is in that business and if I can help him with anything I am thrilled.  He read my "Project Fallen Angel" screenplay and said it's very good
He also said Hollywood is out of control.  He said agents and producers are telling him to "dumb down" their screenplays because American viewers are mostly idiots.  He put me in contact with the owner of one of those companies.  The guy didn't like his work and he thought he might like mine since he was more into the teenage and children's stories.  The guy said, "Your work is too Nancy Drew!"  He didn't like them either.  You know something, a lot of people out there like Nancy Drew.  Does that make them stupid?  The sad thing is I agree with him, my first work is the worst stuff I've ever written. I took someone else's advice and shot myself in the foot one more time!  You would think I would eventually learn my lesson.  Hollywood is owned literally by the devil and everything out there is rigged to cater to those who will sell their soul to a system that is doing it's best to destroy America via the entertainment industry.  They are doing their best to "dumb America down."  Think about that, we have gone from being #1 in the world to #28 in just a few years.  Did you know that?  Did you ever think about it?

Back to Hillary.
  I kept thinking there must be something else that Hillary was suppose to help me with then one day I was watching A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff in it, made by Warner Brothers and it hit me.  Perhaps the dreams of Hillary have done what they were suppose to do.  They got me into screenwriting just long enough for me to learn what it was about and how to tell the story the way that Hollywood wants it.  I know now I have an excellent screenplay.  I also know that no one else will ever see it as a movie, because I know the devil will not allow it.

Why Couldn't I Have Dreams With Jessica Simpson in them?
It's all about who you know.
I thought there must be a reason and a path for me to enter a business that would allow me to continue with the work I love and provide the funds to help certain people who desperately need help.  I hoped and prayed all this time and not one path or door was opened for me.  Then a few days ago I had another dream of Hillary Duff and her family and this time I was almost angry at the dream wanting to know "why" they haunt me if they have no meaning or purpose in my life.  Hillary Duff isn't my favorite actress by a long shot, in fact I've got a fairly long list of actresses I like much better yet I've had more dreams about her than any other in the business.  You would think that if I were going to dream of an actress it would be someone I like, so why was I stuck with her in my dreams?  It didn't take Disney long to replace her on the stage and screen.  I don't spend much time watching the Disney channels that's for certain but the new girl looks something like Hillary Duff at a distance.  She's a better singer and even better as a dancer.  I've only seen parts of her show twice but the show is Hannah MontanaRecently found out that Hannah is Miley is Billy Ray Cirus's daughter!  No wonder she's so cute and talented.  Hillary, the one thing that is certain in show business is that sooner or later someone else will come along who can do it all better than you, for you that day has come.  The other thing is you get older, loose the cute and the people who can make a difference just don't care about you anymore.

Update 11-25-2012
:  Surprise!  Miley's antiques destroied her family and her credibility.  She wacked off her hair and she's not at all cute anymore but Hollywood doesn't care they scarf up people with horrible morals and serious problems on a regular bases.  Am I surprised ?  Not even a little bit.  Had she remained cute and with morals I would have been because I know she was taught well growing up, something happened to her thanks to show business.

I don't have anything against Hillary Duff, just these stupid dreams that I have with her in them and the events that followed seem to be trying to tell me something.
  A few days ago Hillary was to be on Regis and Kelly and the moment they announced that she would be on the show I changed the channel.  I realized that I've had all of that girl that I can stand.  I shall be avoiding anything with her in it from now on.  I have considered everything I can think of as to why she appeared in my dreams so often.  Just now I remembered that I have relatives in the distant past who were Duff's and if I remember correctly they were outlaws back in the 1800's.  Wouldn't it be ironic if Hillary Duff's dad and my family were related?  I don't like Mel Gibson anymore either, he's a self rightous jerk with twisted opinions.  I avoid anything he has anything to do with.  Him saying the Jews are what's wrong with the world was the last straw.  Him and Mohammed should have a fun time when the judgment comes.

I also have dreams of Bill Shatner (lost count), Leonard Nimoy (2-3), Tim Allen (3-5) and even Stephen Spielberg (5-7).  Except for Bill Shatner most of these dreams were on production sets and so real you would believe I were viewpoint with someone on the set at that moment in time.  In the dreams I spoke with the men except for Tim Allen who was throwing a fit over legal entanglements over a show he wanted to produce.  I had one dream with Bill Shatner where he was at a cabin in the woods, on a mountain I think.  Another man was trying to prevent me from talking with Mr. Shatner but Bill said "leave him alone" and he talked with me anyway and then let me ride with him in his vehicle.   In this dream I told him who I was and about my writing.  These dreams have become almost as puzzling to me as the Hillary Duff dreams except for the fact that I didn't wake up speaking their names and never had a friend a month later who was going to see them.

I have had 2-3 dreams with Carrie Fisher that were similar to the Bill Shatner dreams.  I was with her and another actress in a house in the country.  We were suppose to be in character and it was suppose to be a blind date kind of thing except that I recognized her.  In the dream she was her younger self and looked like she did when she was in the first Star Wars series.  I asked her about the production business then realized I was blowing character.  She lead me out of the kitchen into the living room away from the other actress where we could talk.  She asked me about my writing and wanted a copy of what I had.  She said if she liked it she would put me in contact with someone who could help me.  So these dreams tell me I could get help, they might help me but not one of them has never done anything to help.  Not one person who could help has tried.  The dreams mean nothing and only serve to haunt and torment me.

My friend Matthew is in the LA area, involved in screenwriting and has an agent.
  He says that in order to get  into that business you must first meet someone in the business who will put you in touch with an agent.  Most agents are unlisted.  Most of them are constantly in a hurry.  Despite the fact most are selling garbage to the producers they are very critical of their writer's work.  And they say that unless you live in the LA area you won't get an agent and without an agent you won't sell any of your work.  Since I would go mad and have a coronary or heart attack if I lived out there I wouldn't go to the LA area to live for the purpose of getting an agent.  I would only go out there to live for a short time if an agent wanted my work.  I told Matthew he is welcome to adapt my writing to screenplay format if he wants to.  He's been out there for years and written many screenplays at the request of people out there and hasn't sold one of them yet to this day.  Then I asked a mutial friend in the movie business who told me they will tell you write something then tell you to change this and that in it and will do that over and over again so their ideas are woven into your intelectual property to the point you can't sell it without paying them for their ideas.  Otherwise they keep you busy writing stuff that will never sell and keep you out of the writers market.  That's exactly what they are doing to Matthew.

Hollywood is pumping out garbage because garbage sells.
  Mark Perez, a very talented writer wrote C.I. Mclusky.  It stunk big time and he admits it but the sale of that screenplay bought him a very nice house in the mountains.  He also wrote Country Bears and Herbie Fully Loaded, which I liked but they could have been better.  If a movie is good enough I'll watch it more than once and those were no more than a twice view.  Disney is telling him what to write and for seven million dollars you can see why he does.  Did he sell out to the system.  Sure he did but it pays the bills and you can't blame him for what's wrong with the system.  (
C.I. Mclusky didn't just stink it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen!)

I've spent years developing my stories and it would be a real shame if I had to give up and write something I didn't care about.  I love Sci-Fi, but most of the stuff the Sci-Fi channel produces is garbage.  Some of it is written all right but the directing, acting and graphics are second and third rate.  They can brag about it in their ad's because apparently the majority of the people who watch the Sci-fi channel have very low standards.  The snake, spider, scorpion, and even the chupacabra monster movies were terrible, mostly because computer graphics/animation were awful.  Some of the acting was very bad and some of the directing was just as bad.
Update 12-14-2012: Matthew has had an agent for two years now and despite the tutor and all the screenplays he has written his agent has not managed to sell even one for him.  He's even had others in the business tell him to "dumb down" his screenplays.  Why?  Because they say that most viewers are not smart enough to understand them.  These believe that Bevis and Butthead is the main mentality of most American viewers.  Matthew tells me something else has happened and now five main production agencies control what the American public see, and they are all linked.  He said that even Stephen Spielberg sold his "baby" Dreamworks because it was no longer worth it for him to try to make those movies.  Most of our major movie and TV producers are now owned by foreign interests.  Columbia Pictures is now Sony Pictures.  Now mostly foreign people decide what we as Americans will see at the movies and on our TVs.  Some of these are not exactly friendly to American interests.  They all realize that what Americans see at the movies and on TV has some ability to control and influence the minds of Americans.  By controlling and changing who can write, what they write and what we see these production facilities limit who writes and what we see.  They control the money and who makes it.  They influence the news media, what they show us and how they show it.  They have the tools now to destroy America from within.

Now my friend Matthew tells me he is frustrated and intends to write for one more year in the LA area and if he doesn't sell something by the end of next year he's going to quit the business and return home.  Update 2012: He's still writing and still hasn't sold anything. :-(

Ember Reign
Ember Reign is my current writing project.  It is only loosely based on the Adventures of Megan Martin series.  Megan Martin was written for a then 10 year old Laura.  The entire series of 6 novels was written easy to read and simple to understand.  Ember Reign is written in a different style, not so wordy and for an older reader.  It explains things the original series did not reveal and it does it quickly.  It has language and serious violence with ruthless antagonists that include blood thirsty alien hunters.  Ember Reign is an identity that is downloaded from the crown into Megan's mind without her realizing what's been done to her until it's to late.  Ember is a spiritual program that runs inside a human mind, whether Megan likes it or not.  Ember commands powers even without the crown.  Ember has a mission and purpose.  Some prophets say she is to come before the great destruction.  Others say she brings the great destruction. As far as Ember is concerned Megan will either help or get out of the way.  It's a non-stop story with mystery, action and humor.  Read more at and .net.  You can now buy these as Kindle E-books on

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God bless.