A picture worth a thousand words!
We had a very fun time while in Vegas!

This is me with one of the Vegas show girls.  Yes she's tall.
No she's not wearing high heels.

We shot lots of cool pictures and thought of playing some
while in Vegas. I put some in folder so I could put them on this page.

As for Vegas, there's a reason why they call it "sin city."  I have little doubt that it's on God's hit list and will not be surprised if the next time God wipes out places on earth because of their evil that Vegas might be included.  Enjoy! :-)
That's me with the BBQ man.
He's a stand up comic.
We are inside the tall tower at the north end of the strip they call
The Stratosphere!

Please Consider This

It makes no difference what you say there's always someone out there who will do their best to make you feel bad about it.

No good deed goes unpunished.

It doesn't matter how much you care, some people are just ass-holes.

Stupid people don't know they are stupid.

It seems the less a person knows about something the more determined they are to prove it.

So they tell me...
Our prisons are full of completely normal innocent people! ;-)

Most insane people don't kill anyone!  Their just crazy!

Hitler may have been a sociopath but that wasn't what made him massacre all those people!


Yes someone actually said that to me a few days ago while bashing me for saying Hitler, Jones, Mansion and a few others were mentally ill.  I'm no longer a member of that forum. :-)  You should understand that when groups are taken over by those who insist on preventing the truth to be made evident the decent more intelligent people leave those groups.  Then the idiots fight among themselves until the admins leave and the webmaster closes the site down.  Yes and that site I mentioned is now gone for this very reason.

In Case You Were Not Aware
The witnesses said "I wouldn't have believed it, he was a good neighbor and friend.  Who would have thought he was a serial killer with bodies buried in the basement and in the back yard?"  Let's face it, sociopaths are smarter than the average person and by design are often devious likable people you would never expect to do something horrific.  Hitler was a sociopath, bombed his own buildings, killed his own people and blamed it on terrorists in order to get the people of Germany to give him their blessing and power to do the horrific things that followed.  It was all a brilliant deception by a very sick man.

The prophecy says "And they will give over their power to the Beast..."  "He will make war against the chosen people of God."

Sociopathic people are born with a genetic defect, their minds are wired up different than normal people.  The gene is called by some "The Warrior Gene" but others who understand call it the Lucifer gene because it gives people the same mentality as the devil himself.

Sociopaths believe others in this world were literally put here to serve them.  Serial killers are often sociopaths, it's clear they have some serious anti-social mental malfunctions going on in the way they perceive things.  They never admit they are wrong because in their minds they do not make mistakes, but it's always someone else's fault.  They are often highly intelligent and natural born imitators.  They are very good at winning people's trust.  They crave having people follow and admire them.  They have ego's the size of Texas that need to be fed.  They love saying things, even quoting from books like the bible in order to get someone to pat them on the back and recognize they are so good and special.

These people often end up in politics and religion because of their mental disorder but they are neither good, Godly or someone to be looked up to or followed after.  Our churches and government are full of these kinds of people.  They don't exist to serve us, they exist to serve themselves and that's what they do at our expense.  Some of these are Shadow Government people who have the power and influence to order our military to attack innocent civilians.

9-11 and Government Deceptions
I've studied the 9-11 event from all angles multiple times and I know for a fact it was a bomb that hit the Pentagon, not a jetliner and it wasn't a passenger jet that dropped it, it was a US military jet painted to look similar to a passenger jet.  It had no windows and it was caught on video by a man with a video camera at the hotel across the highway.  Every time he posts the video someone removes it, but I did get to see it drop the bomb and saw the bomb hit the building.  People who saw the wreckage said there were no bodies, no plane debris, no luggage, no seats, no engines, nothing that should have been there was there.  The jet they said hit the building was 47' tall.  The engines hung down 7' below the wing and the thing hit at ground level so why are there no skid marks in the grass?  If a jetliner had hit the Pentagon that entire wall would have been rubble and yet only a relatively small hole was initially made through the wall there's video and photos that show it before the roof caved in.  People were threatened not to reveal what they knew.  Others were paid to lie to us about what they said they saw.

The two jets that hit the towers were also computer controlled drones and I saw one of them drop a bomb and fire a missile into the building a moment before it hit the building.  The jets didn't bring the buildings down, a controlled explosion did.  At that moment the lobby on the ground floor exploded hurting people on the ground floor, setting them on fire and an immense heat was being generated from the walls and core of the building.  All the fuel in the jets were gone moments after the impact and couldn't generate enough heat to melt steal and these buildings had steal superstructures, the best in the world.  They frequently withstood winds producing much more pressure on them than a jet hitting them.  What kind of controlled explosions was it?  It was thermite.  The only thing able to generate enough heat to destroy the superstructure of those buildings.  Look close at the bright red sparks from the windows before the buildings fell.  Then watch a therminte explosion and you will see they are exactly the same.  Thermite cuts through steal like a hot knife through butter.  If you have never seen what it looks like you should.  Anyone can buy the chemicals to make it, heck it's little more than aluminum and iron dust.  Yes you can make it yourself and the items used are not controlled, but the one chemical that is, is only found in military grade thermite and yes they found this chemical in the debris of the tower wreckage.

Ben Laden said he had nothing to do with the event and if you know anything about the man you know he loves nothing more than to take credit for hurting those he calls infidels.  He said "I didn't do it, I had nothing to do with it, why is the US always blaming me for things I did not do?"  Ben Laden was a sociopath but the one thing he wouldn't do is take credit for someone else's work.  He was just a convenient patsy the real terrorists could blame it on and make the population of the world think he was responsible.  Someone to throw the blame away from the real terrorists.

Follow the money.
One day before the 9-11 event Donald Rumsfield said "we are missing 2.3 trillion dollars from the US budget.  He intended to find out where it went.  One day later the area of the Pentagon that keeps track of all the money was hit by a bomb!  33 people in that department were killed and all the records of where that money went was destroyed.  Did Ben Laden know where that department was?  NOPE!  Could an untrained unlicensed pilot have hit that location?  NOPE.  According to professional airline pilots they couldn't even do it on the first run.  The guy they said was flying that plane was found alive and well in another country so the US investigators (the people we trust with our lives) changed their story and said another guy who's instructor said he couldn't even fly a small aircraft let alone a big one.  He couldn't have done it!  As it turned out 8-9 of those terrorists were discovered alive in other countries, it wasn't them who did the deed.  So stop believing in these liars we have in charge of our investigations.  They are not helping us, they are helping the terrorists by covering up the truth.  You know that's against the law so why doesn't someone hold them accountable?
This is Laura beside the famous E.T. highway sign.  Behind her in the distance you can see the famous resturant known as the "Lil Ale-Inn."