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Numbers 12:6
"If a prophet is among you, I the Lord make myself known to them in a vision, I speak with them in dreams."

In the last days God said He would pour out his spirit upon the people and your sons and daughters would prophecy and your old people would have dreams containing messages from God.

Throughout the Bible we read of accounts where God the Creator used various methods of communications to convey messages to His people, most usually His prophets.  In time people who had no such experiences came to believe the only explanation for the lack of contact between God's people and God must be that God did away with the special gifts of the spirit.  There are several problems with that theory and the first is that God speaking to someone was not considered a special gift.  Another problem is these same people who say this also preach that God is the same yesterday and today and forever.  If that's true then why isn't he still speaking to "His people?"  Then comes the frightening reality that perhaps He is still talking to His people.  But if he is and he's not talking to them, who is He talking to?

When God would speak to the prophets of old they would say "The Word of God came to me saying..." And when this happens God directs "Then let the prophet who receives my word speak it faithfully."  That means basically quote God word for word.  "But if a prophet has a dream let him tell that dream."

I've actually had the highly religious tell me that if God was going to speak to someone it would be them and not me.  Yet God has spoken to me by voice and also in vision and saved my life on several occasions.  Learn more about these things by using the Spiritual Things button in the menu.
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Jennifer DiCamillo
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Get the details and documentation for hundreds of "politically incorrect" facts about Islam -- such as:

The Koran sanctions pillage, looting, ransom, and the rape of captive women as an incentive to join in jihad or "holy war"

Mohammed kept one-fifth of all spoils of war for himself

The Koran allows a man to have up to four wives -- at any one time. He can divorce a wife by simply saying so 3 times

Mohammad had as many as 25 wives. One was six when they married; he was 54. He consummated the marriage when she was 9

At least 27 people were murdered on Mohammed's orders

Mohammed allowed temporary marriage "for three nights" or more, so that soldiers in the field could "marry" prostitutes

The Koran assures the Muslim the right to own slaves by purchasing them or as a bounty of war. Mohammad had dozens

Almsgiving and mercy is commended in Islam -- but the beneficiaries have to be Muslims only

In Islam, the definition of what is "right" or "just" is not fixed, but changeable by divine decree -- enabling the most henous sins and crimes to be declared "the will of Allah"

The joys and glories of the Islamic "paradise" are tangible and sensual and include sex with virgins -- and young boys

As Mohammad progressed from visionary and teacher to warlord and ruler, his style and message became more depraved, violent and intolerant. It is these later "revelations" that are considered definitive by Islamic authorities when they conflict with earlier ones often cited for Western consumption

The Crusades were a belated military response to three centuries of Muslim aggression against Christian lands and peoples

Islam divides the world into the House of Islam (where Islam rules) and the House of War (where it doesn't). The two are permanently at war; there may be temporary truces, but peace will come only upon the completion of global conquest

When Muslims are a minority community, the Koran permits them to adopt a peaceful attitude to deceive their neighbors, until they feel strong enough to dispense with the pretense

The massacres perpetrated by Muslims in India are unparalleled in history, bigger in sheer numbers than the Holocaust

Muslim persecution of Christians has caused suffering and death for millions over 13 centuries -- and continues today

The myth of Islam's "tolerance" of religious minorities contradicts its teaching, history, and present reality

Islam's "golden age" was parasitic on the Christian cultures and peoples it conquered, and ended when it "killed the host"

In 1993, Saudi Arabia's supreme religious authority declared that the world is flat, and that anyone who disagrees is an infidel to be punished

Like Communism, Islam cannot foster prosperity, and is always reliant on plunder or unearned wealth (e.g., from oil)

Islam recognizes no distinction between temporal and divine authority; the only "legitimate" government is a theocracy.

America's "ally" Saudi Arabia remains the most intolerant Islamic regime in the world, where the practice of any religion besides Islam is as strictly prohibited as in Mohammed's day

The first imam to deliver a Muslim prayer for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1991, declared in 1997 that Muslims will eventually elect the president and replace the constitutional government with an Islamic caliphate.

The "Holy War" (Religious War)

Islam is growing quickly among the uneducated.  Among people who either can't read or who are incapable of doing the research to test the validity of Islam.

It hasn't been long ago that a preacher in a small town in Illinois received a visit from the FBI.  Some member of his own congregation reported him for preaching the truth and dangers of the Islamic religion to his flock.  The agents explained to him that he was preaching "hate" to the members of his church and that he should never do that again.

The truth is the Islamics can preach "
death to the infidels" (that's you and me anyone else they choose to hate) and lies about other religions and other governments they hate in their churches and that's just fine with our government.  Our government protects them but it does not protect non Muslim / Islamics against hate speech from the Islamic.  If you think there's a snake in the "wood-pile" you are absolutely correct.

If you want the facts and the truth about the spiritual war that rages on around you then you must get and read the books about Islam that are listed on these pages.  Then read the prophecies that foretold these things in the Bible.  How the dragon was angered and tried to get the woman's baby but could not so it sent out a flood from it's mouth after the people who are faithful to that woman.  That flood is the flood of Islam against the Jews and Christians.

What Muslims, multiculturalists, and the media hope you never find out about Islam!
Every day somewhere in the world you hear Muslims, Islamics crying foul concerning just about everything especially against other religions and especially against the Jews, Christians and the US government which was founded on Christian principles that made this nation strong and considerably more moral than other contestants on the world stage.

In psychological studies of the criminal mind it's usually the guilty who scream the loudest and longest.

History shows us the Islamics have been murdering innocents of other races & religions just because they are different, for way more than 1000 years.  They even kill each other over small differences of opinion concerning interpretations of their own religion.  Yet they say that Christianity is the most dangerous religion on the planet. If you know the facts then you know they lie.  The Christians allow the Muslims to worship as they like, but if the shoe were on the other foot it wouldn't be that way.

Another very scarry thing to consider is that liberals around the world are siding with the Islamics.  They preach equality for all while taking everyone's liberties away from them as fast as they can.  A big part of their plan is to disarm everyone who isn't Islamic, so that when the all out world wide "holy" war begins you won't be able to defend yourselves.

We see what they do to each other and especially Christians and US soldiers in their own countries, do you want that in the USA?  They do.

Don't just set there and let these people get the upper hand.  Know the facts, know the truth then spread the word of truth as fast as you can.

It's about time the public wakes up and realizes what is really going on.
Wiskey Creek Press
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With the help of a ghost and a cat Megan and her best friend May discover a powerful alien device that allows them to travel through space and time, and much more.

The Adventures of Megan Martin is not some warm fuzzy story about a group of girls and their romances.  Megan and her friends solve mysteries, hunt ghosts, travel into the underworld, deal with a dangerous demon, foil the plans of thieves and murderers.  They take on a corrupt corporate villain who thinks he's above the law.  They rescue some captured aliens in an ultra secret underground base.  They even save the world from destruction as they take on the bad boys at Area 51 and negotiate with aliens to prevent them from destroying the earth for attacking one of their supply ships.

To learn more about this wonderful family sci-fi series just click ok the novel cover graphics or use the button to the left to go to The Megan Martin website.  NOTE: The girls whose pictures appear on the novel covers as Megan, May, and Brianna do the excerpt "Brianna discovers the secret."  Use the button to the right.

Written for an older reader Ember Reign is loosely based on the Megan Martin series but is written completely different.  Megan (17) receives an implanted identity she named Ember Reign from the silver jewel.  Ember is an angel on a mission.  She now lives within Megan and is a character that can't be ignored. If Megan won't do her job as protector then Ember will.  Read the prolog of Ember Reign on Author's Den or on Ember
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Tim Good
UFO expert.
Tim Good
UFO expert.
Road To Re-Mission demonstrates a collection of elements used in rotation to overcome the adaptogenic abilities of cancer.
For many years Dr. Jack Deer preached that God had done away with the special gifts of the Holy Spirit.  He taught that God doesn't speak to people anymore.  And then one day God spoke to him and he realized he had been teaching lies all those years.

It's one thing when it happens to you and you try to tell someone else about it. It's something else when God speaks to someone else on your behalf.  But it has happened for me and my family.
The Publishing Business In General
The publishing business is kin to the screen writer's system in Hollywood.  If you make a negative statement against them even if it's the truth it can cost you plenty.  The saying "You will never work in this town again" was coined for that very reason.

The agents who decide what the publisher will buy are the least informed people in the world about what will or will not sell well.   This was proven by a best selling author who's novel was in the top 10 at that time.  He changed his name and the title of that same novel and submitted it to a number of other publishers.  They wrote back saying his novel was poorly written and would never sell.  Then he told them who he was and that the novel he had submitted to them was in fact in the top 10 at that time.  These agents couldn't even recognize the fact they had received a top 10 novel and didn't have a clue they had been tricked into exposing their lack of knowledge of the industry.

They say they want something original but if you submit something completely original they think it is so "original" that it can't possibly sell.  Imagine if stories like MIB's were submitted today by an unknown author the agent would say "that's so stupid it would never sell."  It would be an instant rejection.  Numerous other novels and movie ideas would have also failed for the same reasons and never seen the light of day if someone hadn't taken the effort to make them successful.

The TV series Haven, if submitted to an agent by a totally unknown author would have been laughed out of the room.  Imagine a town where people seemingly at random are cursed by peculiar troubles and require a cute blond who's immune from the troubles and a troubled cop who can't feel anyone but her.  What a joke!  The reason it's an interesting series that made the grade is because it is based on a story by a successful author who's name everyone knows, Stephen King.  The catch being if someone is all ready well known it makes little difference what they write the agent has a good idea it will sell.

Success stories are wonderful aren't they?  An author has a chance to get their ideas published or on the screen and finally get their foot in the door.  Many of those authors all ready have their foot in the door and they are looking for a new original concept to present to the viewers.  One of the stories that didn't work out as it should have is the Firefly series based on a future space born society that's a cross between spaceships and cowboys.  The series ran one season and was canceled by the producers because they weren't seeing the ratings they wanted.  After the series was canceled the show was voted to be the best science fiction story ever beating out Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica!  This one season series has a following yet to this day in the thousands.  It came back for one time as a movie and made history.  The sad part is it could still be making the fans happy and making new fans had the producers had the foresight to give it half the chance that Star Trek and Battlestar had.  The new Battlestar sucked by the way.  The acting and CG was amazing, the writers story turned it from something intelligent to something sick and twisted by the end and as a result it was also canceled.  Shame all the bad stories aren't swept away as easy to make room for new original stories from new original authors.

A factor I need to mention now is that less than 1% of all submissions to publishing agents are accepted.  Literally they can only accept this amount because that's all they are capable of doing.  The amount of time they have to read and decide on a manuscript is minute.  The amount of time they have to work with those they do accept is also very small.  The guy they have send the rejection messages never read your manuscript and in fact sends out a general purpose rejection message with no personal details to the author or their work.  They send the same message to everyone.  The message is vague and goes something like this.

We don't believe your manuscript is worthy of our efforts.  There is so many problems with it we won't go into detail.  Better luck in another market.
  And it's signed something like "The SlushMaster."  The guy who gets to tell authors their work wasn't accepted.  Don't bother to respond, there's no one actually monitoring that e-mail address.  No that's not exactly what it said.  I finally found the message.  It is from the "Slushmaster Gen" or generator program at that publisher.  All they do is put the Email address of the Author into that program and it generates a message that sends a general rejectoin message to the author.  It doesn't have your name or the title of your work on it.  Everyone gets the same rejection messages.

People who read my novels are sometimes surprised it was better than they expected.  People who read the second and third novels are even more surprised because the stories are based on original ideas and characters.  Some of the humor however is making references to other popular stories without actually naming them, the readers know who's being referred to.  Let me say that if George Lucas or Stephen Spielberg had these stories they could do the same thing with them they did with their most popular series.
Western author Dusty Richards is also an acquaintance  of mine, we met at a book signing event and exchanges some novels.  Dusty has written more than 65 western novels either under his own name or a pen name.  Now and then I E-mail with him and see how things are going.
Written before 9/11 and what would follow afterwards.
"...a very timely and thoughtful novel." -- D. James Kennedy, Ph.D."

"...novel (is) very interesting and hard to put down." -- William J. Murray

"I found the book frightening, though compelling." -- Carol Everett
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Lost River Bridge
Stephen P. Byers
I have not read it yet but eventually I hope to get around to it. I think Laura and Dawn may get to this one before I do since my reading and work load is all ready great enough I can't calculate it.

Windy John's
Me 'N Tut
Joyce Rapier
A collection of stories and sayings she got from her father before he passed away.

Dawn read it and said "It's all right."
Coming from her that means she likes it.

David's first fishing trip!
Jamie White

It's a children's novel.

Jennifer DiCamillo
Author, good friend of mine who has won numourous awards for her writing.
Barbara Bradshaw Rogers
A novel by my good friend Barbara.  Click on the book cover to go to Whiskey Creek Press and learn more about her novel.
If you know anything about Mohammed and the Koran then you should also know the Bible and the Koran both clearly say that salvation and the gift of prophecy were both given to and through the Jews.  Then how is it that a mentally ill homicidal pedophile Arab named Mohammed ended up being called the last prophet and salvation ended up being taken from the Jews and given to the Arabs?  This book explains exactly what happened.
The Koran
"O children of Israel! Remember My Favour which I bestowed upon you and that I preferred you to Alalamin (mankind)."  (Surate Al-Baqarah 2:47)

"And indeed We gave the children of Israel the scripture, and the understanding of the scripture and His laws, and the prophethood, and provided them with good things, and preferred them above the Alamin (all mankind)."  (Surat Al-Jathiyah)

"And (remember) when Moses said to his people: 'Oh my people, remember the favour of Allah to you when He made prophets among you, made you kings and gave you what He had not given to any other among the mankind.  O my people" Enter the Holy land (Palestine) which Allah has assigned to you...' "  (Surat Al-Maida 5:20-21 HK)

In each case we see it was the children of Israel who were declared to be the ones the prophethood came to and through and for who salvation was acclaimed.
  Even in the Koran these things were proclaimed, not for the Arabs and not for Mohammed but for the children of Israel.  Then how in the world did Mohammed end up being declared the last true prophet of God?  If you do your research you will learn that it was not God who proclaimed Mohammed a prophet, it was friends of Mohammed.  You will also discover that it wasn't Allah who spoke to the children of Israel it was Yahweh. Frequently text was plagiarized from the Jewish text and used in the Koran in order to gain credibility. That's the kind of people who wrote the Koran.

Remember the old testament was not written for the descendents of Ishmael or Arabs, it was God's words and dealings directed at the children of Israel, the Jews.  When He said from your brethren he was speaking of the children of Israel. Mohammed was never eligible for prophethood.

Islam says that Abraham and Ishmael went to Mecca and built a temple so that many faiths and people could bring idols to that place and worship their pagan gods.  Yet we know Abraham would not have done this.  He was the one of God who had such faith in God that he would kill his only son as a sacrifice to God.  He would not have built an alter so that people could worship demons and idols.  No evidence or other documentation has ever been found that would indicate that Abraham ever went to Mecca.  There is evidence and documentation that one of Mohammed's own relatives built the alter in Mecca.

It was said the Angel Michael came to Mohammed while in a cave, yet that account doesn't match up with any other appearance of Michael.  In each case where Michael came to see someone the very first thing he said was "Do not be afraid."  Then he would identify himself.  But the "thing" that came to Mohammed grabbed him, squeezed the breath out of him and commanded him to read, but Mohammed could not read.  He was frightened to death.  The "THING" had not identified itself and Mohammed said "I fear that I have been possessed."  Meaning he knew he had been possessed by a demon.  But when he told his account to someone else they proclaimed that it must have been the angel Michael.  From that moment on Mohammed told the story that it had been Michael and not a demon that had attacked him while in the cave.  It is also written that demon known as Jinn were always near and with Mohammed.  It is very likely it was one of these demon who attacked and possessed him.  It was one of these demons who inspired him to write and to do the things he did to defy the God who had cast the demons/fallen angels down from the heavens.

The prophecy said someone from the brotherin who was similar to Moses would come but God was talking to the children of Israel, not the Arabs.  Moses and Jesus both preformed miracles but Mohammed did nothing like this. Moses and Jesus were well educated while Mohammed could not even read.  Jesus was here to serve His people and died for us while Mohammed was self serving and has been responsible for the murder of countless numbers of God's chosen people.

Throughout history mentally ill people have spawned religions of all kinds.
  David Koresh claimed to be the second reincarnation of Jesus Christ.  He preached twisted truths from the Bible yet there is not one place in the Bible where Jesus said he would reincarnate.  He said when he comes again it will be to take his people home with him.  Yet David created the Branch Dividians, preached lies, twisted truths and took a bunch of people with him to their deaths.  From the very start he knew he was going to die and take others with him.  Like Mohammed the part that is extremely disturbing is the fact he could find anyone who would swallow his lies.  He's not the only mentally ill religious leader who's done this.  Why do people fall for things like that?  In order to understand why humans are so gullable you need to gain a better understanding of spiritual things.  You need to know what they are and what they do and how they affect people.

In order to get the full story you need to read this book
.  Dr. Labib Mikhail, Islamic scholar and former Muslim tells step by step what happened and how Mohammed grew up, the people he knew and how he took it upon himself to rewrite Jewish texts into the Koran in order to gain notoriety for the Koran and himself.
The main things Muslims base the foundations of their beliefs upon are unsubstantial.  One of those things is the message that God would raise up a prophet from among "the brotherin" that would be like  Moses.  They say that Mohammed was that man.

1). God was not speaking to Arabs or descendents of Ishmael when He said that.  He was speaking to the children of Israel, the Jews.

2). Moses was a highly educated man, Mohammed could not even read.

3). Moses and Jesus frequently preformed miracles, Mohammed did not.

4). Arabs were never considered brotherin to Israel, in many cases they were the enemy because of their constant unprovoked attacks against the Jews (chosen people of God).

Jesus was not a prophet he is the Messiah
.  He was Creator incarnate.  Mohammed was a false prophet who frequently shed innocent blood.