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Born and raised in a small river town in Illinois he worked doing odd jobs, mowing yards, working on the farm and with his dad on construction work using tractors, trucks, bulldozers, cable draglines and more.

He played lead and rhythm 6 string guitar in a country band "The Country Dudes" for about 2 years.  Still plays guitar now and then with friends.

Around 16-17 got certified for S.C.U.B.A. diving by former Navy Seal instructor Jerry Stocker in Jacksonville, IL.

Raised with a Christian background and having certain paranormal experiences realized there was logic and reason and a lot more to the story than what was being taught in the churches or the schools.  After having a very close encounter with a UFO in 1970 he realized that just because people say they don't exist, doesn't make it so.  He knew there was a truth beyond what the people choose to believe and he set out to discover as much truth as humanly possible.  UFO Encounters with Bryon Smith.

At 19 he moved to Joplin. MO and went to work for Communication Specialists.  A Motorola service working on business band radios, building towers and doing strip and installs for all kinds of businesses including the city police departments in Joplin and other towns and cities around the area.  Also worked for the manager of the John the Diver's store #3 in Joplin, MO.

At 22 he moved to the Lake of the Ozarks and ran a CB radio shop for 3 years.  He lived in the Ozark hills not far from the lake until the CB business was no longer profitable.  At this same time he worked as an electronics technician for one of the popular lake shows known at that time as "Denny Hilton's Country Shindig Show."  Also began professional Diving Salvage jobs recovering lost boats and things from the bottom of the lake.

At 25-26 he moved to the Camdenton, MO airport where he worked as airport lineman and security for the next 2-3 years.  This is where he worked for and got his pilot license, PSEL.  During this same time he also built custom made boat docks and continued SCUBA diving salvage work.

At 28 he married and moved to AR.  At first worked for B&T Coal processing coal and loading river barges with coal.  Still did some radio work, SCUBA diving work and boat dock work for about 5 more years then transferred into video production work and writing.

Bryon has been fascinated with writing, art, science fiction, and one day wrote a musing called Nebula that won second place out of 58,000 entries in Voices of Many Lands.

Throughout his life he has had numerous paranormal encounters including near death experiences, many out of body experiences, has walked among the spirits and has gained an unusual understanding of the Creator, spirits and the why we exist.  To learn more please see "Spiritual Things" website.

Bryon has been on TV, radio and websites as a special guest speaker.

Bryon was a special guest speaker at the Universal Passing Over in Vegas in 2006.

Has shot numerous TV shows including "The Great Outdoors with Barry Benton" and "Sing America Sing" with Billy Dale Sexton.  Shot numerous plays and events.  A TV show he worked on is "Ghosts of Piper's" for Victoria Monroe.  This show airs in Nevada and California.

Currently working on the paranormal TV show "Spooky Places" for Loose Canon Productions owned by Bryon and his wife Dawn.  "We don't fake anything." (Bryon Smith)

Bryon wrote an excellent screenplay based on his second novel "The Underworld."  The screenplay is called "Project Fallen Angel."  This screenplay can be downloaded for free from the Megan Martin website.

Learning screen writing and finding out it's a different kind of animal. Don't intend to move to LA to get an agent.

Bryon and Dawn have two beautiful daughters, Laura and Kristy.  You can see their pictures on the covers of his novels, Laura as Megan Martin and Kristy as Brianna the neighbor girl.  They are also the hostess of the TV show they are working on now called Spooky Places.  Use the links in the menu to the left to view these pictures and websites.

Things I've Learned Thus Far

Never blame God for the stupid things people do, preach or believe in.  It's not God's fault people are stupid.

If you set out to fail you will likely succeed.

You can't fix stupid!  The less a person knows the more likely they are to go to great lengths to prove it.

What we perceive to be reality is nothing more than an illusion.

What we perceive to be freedom is also an illusion.

The US government has been very busy spending our money, building things like secret underground bunkers, throwing us deeper into debt and not telling us what they are doing.  If the US government tells you something you would be wise not to believe them.  I asked a US bombardier who bombed a very famous enemy bridge why they lie like they do and he said they have been lying for so long they can't tell the truth, they don't know how.  They are always involved in covert affairs and the last people to know is the US citizens.  This is why foreign nations laugh at us, they know more about what our government does than we do.

Second Amendment Rights
Never try to explain to me why guns should be outlawed or why the second amendment doesn't include law abiding citizens's rights to own a gun.  I'm one of those people who would be dead (wouldn't be here now) if I didn't own a gun.  The fact I do have a gun has saved my life several times in the past.  In one case the possibility that I might have had a gun saved my life.  Telling the guys trying to break my door in that I was armed literally stopped them before they could get inside and find out I had no gun saved my life.  It bought me enough time for the authorities to get there and arrest them.  If you don't like people taking your rights and privileges away then don't try to take other people's rights away from them either.

People kill people, not guns.  If they want someone dead bad enough they will find a way to do it with or without a gun.  Any time I hear of someone murdering someone it breaks my heart.  When they do it with a gun they fuel the anti-gun movement that wants to rewrite the Constitution.  More people are alive today because they own a gun than those who have died because of them, even in war-time.  The Japanese refused to set foot on American soil because they knew the citizens were armed.  This is why there's a large movement of law abiding citizens who are arming themselves and getting gun training, and they should.  This country (you and I) is better off with them being armed and trained than it would be without them.

People who argue anti-gun are mostly far left (socialists) and more than half of them live in LA and work for Hollywood. 
They've never been in a situation where them being saved were the results of some honest citizen owning a gun.  What they don't know is that someone fitting that description may have all ready taken out a threat that would have reached them eventually.  Meaning they may have all ready been saved thanks to some law abiding gun owner, they simply are not aware of it.

The other side of that coin is the more terrorists and psychos use guns to hurt people the more we lose our rights over-all.  You let them take away our rights and the bad guys win.  The first thing Hitler did in his own country was disarm the citizens.  He was blowing up his own buildings and blaming it on the people he hated in order to fool the people into believing he was there to save them.  So don't be a fool!  Go back in the news just a few years and you will see something very similar has been happening in America but the people who are truely responsible are the ones who never get caught and who want to disarm us.  They do something bad to us and then blame it on someone else fueling the anti-gun anti-Constitution anti-Bill of Rights movements.

Is The Constitution Flawed?
Obama tells us the Constitution is flawed, but it wasn't before he and those like him took office.  He tells us we need to thank the government for everything we haveI've done a survey and I've been asking people what they think of that statement and all of them so far have said things like "we have to fight the government for almost everything we are able to accomplish from conception to completion, why should we thank them?"

Another said "They lie to us continaully, hide the truth from us, steal our hard earned money and then don't tell us what they spent it on.  They treat us like we are the enemy and I won't be thanking them for it."

Another said "Powerful people in government manipulate the press to mislead us and public opinion.  They create frivilous laws that hurt honest citizens instead of inforcing good laws we all ready have.  Some of them are actually deeply involved in the illegal drug trade.  Yes we have elected officials who are behind illegal drug trafficing.  They buy votes, they take away our rights and prividledges and they want us to thank them for it?"

Another said "It was people who created the government, not the one we now have but the one that worked long ago before this one.  You could completely get rid of this government and the American people would create a new one without any "government help." 

Not one person I've asked so far has agreed that we need to thank the government for anything, then why are so many people willing to follow Obama literally to hell?  You can be sure the people I've asked won't follow him, and neither will I.  Now ask yourself why America is such a wreck, why so many things are wrong, why our schools and intelligence has fallen from first place to 28th in the world and why we have such a massive National debt.  There's only one answer and that is the Government itself isn't the problem, it's people like Obama and those who think like him inside Government that's the problem, and all those on the outside who agree with him and follow without having the facts or knowing what's really going on.  Ask yourself when's the last time America had a president who really cared about this country.  You will back up more than a 100 years or so and I would guess Lincoln was the last, J.F.K. would run a close second and it cost him his life.  A person must be rich and famous to get a chance at election and not one rich famous person that I know is trustworthy or honest.  Not one that I know of is there to help anyone but themselves.

In my research of sociopathic people I've learned most of them are born with a brain defect.  The part of their mind that allows them to understand and feel what is morally right is not working correctly. 
This is genetic and is passed on from parents to children.  Not every child in a family with these traits may have this defect.  A family with four kids and one parent with this genetic trait may have one child with the trait.  A family with 6 children might have 2 with this trait, as an example.

People born with this mental defect are likely to pass it on to their children depending on the genetics of the mate and if they have some genetic trait that opposes that defect.  Few sociopaths exibit outward traits you might recognize that would reveal their probems but all of them have certain traits in common.  Their dissociation with reality in regards to life itself is evident.  They can rape and/or murder someone without any regret and fail to realize they have done anything wrong.  They can steal from and abuse others without any sense of guilt.  They can beat their own children senselss with their fists and never feel any remorse and they rarely admit they have done anything wrong.  They seldom if ever say they are sorry for any wicked thing they have done.  They can rationalize everything against them and come up with a justification that makes thier actions warrented.  Discovering the truth a neighbor will often say "I would never have expected them off it."  Some of these psychos are very intelligent and skilled at various things.  Some but not all will have been known to murder small animals for some twisted pleasure as children only to grow up and become a serial killer.  You may have one in your family or perhaps as a neighbor and not even realize it.

Jesus told the story of the Widow's mite, for a reason.
  For the most part rich famous people have almost no chance of getting into Heaven, as it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.  Ever wonder why?  Sometimes it's the people who have the least who give the most of themselves for the greater good.  When I hear someone who says "God gave it to them" and "I deserve it all," I realize why it was that when I saw a handful of people in the back row of a Baptist church who were saved, in a building full of people who thought they were, why Jesus said "Don't take the best seats toward the front, take the seat in the back and then if someone asks you to move forward you know it is well.  But if you set in the front and you are asked to move back then you have been disgraced.  Because those who do have the Holy Spirit are humble and tend to place themselves in the back row for a reason, they don't think all that highly of themselves and tend to tune their spirits and minds toward hearing what God has to say to them.  Jesus was teaching another lesson not only on humility but a way to know who was who.

It's not difficult to understand once you know the basic principles.
Therefore a man said "Family is most important" but chose to lose family over the possession of physical property then we know he lied.  Then calls us evil.  Had he said "You can have it all" I would have known he was truthful about his feelings of family being more important and I would answer "You keep it brother, you have spoken the truth." He didn't however and then I know he lied.  Who was it who actually heard God speak?  The one who says "God gave it all to him" and " I deserve it?"  Or the ones who actually did give it to him while he gave that credit to God instead of those responsible?  It won't be much longer all these things will be before God and the books will be opened.  On that day God will read "For the Record" these are the accounts of such things.

Impressionable Minds Make Bad Leaders
We are completely surrounded by mysteries.  We are chocked full of questions but none are more of a mystery than our own minds.  Why are people the way they are?  How can we be so much alike and yet so different?  The answer of course is a multifaceted as the difference between each of us.

Why are some people prone to do bad things while others are more compassionate ?  Why are some cruel while others are kind?  Why do some people constantly fall for bad deals?  Why do so many people follow after cults with religious ideas that are not only untrue but sometimes dangerous?  Why do some people constantly vote for the wrong guy and make situations worse for everyone?  Why can't they see the truth and accept it?

Have you ever wondered why so many people have fallen into cults and some of those were death cults that took those followers to their death?  Have you ever wondered how someone could be so stupid as to fall for something like that?  I mean really, some of them were good honest Christians who believed someone like David Koresh was actually the second coming of the Messiah!  When we know the bible warns of of people just like him.  If good honest "smart" Christians can fall for a trick like that what does that tell us?  Are they incapable of thinking for themselves?  Why can't they see something's wrong with that and break away?  The answer is because some people's minds are wired to follow blindly without questioning. The blind lead the blind and they all fall into the ditch.  Those who survive are asking "why didn't someone warn me?"  Someone may have, they chose not to listen.  The Judgment Day will be full of cries from people screaming the same questions.  The truth is God did send modern day teachers and prophets to warn them, but they didn't listen.

Some people are followers and some are leaders and while it is true that good followers make better leaders that isn't always how things work out.  Impressionable people make good followers because they often follow blindly having faith the one they believe in will not mislead them.  Impressionable people are also the easy ones to trick into believing something that isn't true.  Have you ever met someone who could meet someone speaking with an accent and in a moment he was speaking with the same accent?  Simply the sound of someone else's voice changes his personality and he becomes like them.  This type of person is highly impressionable and easy to mislead.  He's more prone to believe a lie than the truth.  He's more prone to believe blindly rather than to challenge and find the truth.   He makes a terrible leader.

Like some chemicals some people don't mix with others.
You have heard the saying "can't take them anywhere."  Some people's personality do not mix well with others and a few don't mix well with anyone.  You find someone who gets along well with just about everyone and will find these types of people will have friends and acquaintances who can't get along with each other.  Have you ever stopped to wonder why?  Because people who can get along with almost anyone don't go looking to find fault with others, and if they do they keep it to themselves for the most part.  So people who have difficulty finding and keeping friends are drawn to them thinking they have found a type of sanctuary.  Thinking they have been accepted for who they are.  Thinking this "people person" agrees with them, when in fact they may not, they just keep it to themselves.  So they go dumping their crap on this good receptive person who must find some way to unload the toxic emotional acid somewhere else after they leave.  Never take one of these toxic people to the places you go to unwind.  You open yourself up to relax and they open themselves up to dump their negative energy on you.  You come back from your sanctuary worse off than when you started.  They will never get a clue what went wrong.  Their lives are miserable, their jobs suck, their family is damaged (and probably are) and they are a continual victim.  Oddly enough these are people who sometimes go around telling you how everyone else in the world is stupid but them.  They do this because they can find nothing good in anything.   They look for and find the flaws in everything and everyone.

I can have someone dump their negative energy on me and it can take me days to unload it so I can get back to work on my jobs.  Some people are like a sponge and can store up negative energy like a battery, acid and all.  Some people love to hate and these are the ones who can really unload on a person.  Ever wonder why so many writers and creative people will either move to a secluded area or have somewhere they can go to work away from everyone else?  People with creative talents are often sensitives and absorb energy like a sponge.  If they absorb the wrong kind of energy they can't think, work or sleep because it throws their "mental, spiritual and physical" state out of balance.  When the artist has nowhere else to go the pressure can throw them off for weeks or months at a time.  Have a heart and keep your negative energy to yourself, find some other way to get rid of it but don't dump it on someone who's seriously affected by it.

While everyone's mind works biologically the same everyone is different, the way they think, how the perceive things, how they get things accomplished and the process they go through is different.  A computer programmer for example doesn't just think differently than a trucker the way their minds process information is different.  The trucker might look at the computer programer and say "that person doesn't work for a living, they play with computers all day long."  Well the trucker's mind views physical labor as working.  What the trucker may not realize is that when the mind is put to work it burns more energy than their entire body doing physical labor.  Nothing is more difficult than mental and psychological challenges.  Often that trucker looks at what the computer programer does, they don't understand it, can't actually see any purpose in it and therefore it's not work.  What they may not realize is that it took a thinker to build everything they use, their phones, TV sets, their homes and yes without question their truck and the mechanic that keeps that truck running is a thinker.  Somewhere along the line a thinker made that trucker's life better in some way.  What makes someone like the trucker different is when they are able to comprehend and appreciate the difference.  Creative and artistic people are thinkers, their minds work differently than those who do many kinds of physical labor.

On A Similar Note, I know a librarian who hates science fiction because she says it's not real, it's fake and has no place in our society.  Did she fail to realize it was Einstein who said 'The imagination is more important than knowledge'?  Why did he say that?  Because the best of all inventions were thought up inside the imagination of some forward thinker.  The best most amazing inventions and human accomplishments were frequently the result of a science fiction writer.  Buck Rogers had a ray gun long before LASERs were invented.  When you first saw Captain Kirk talking to the Enterprise on a flip open 'cell phone' did you realize how many things came into being as a result of that TV series?  Do you have any idea how many of those ideas are in labs now as scientists and forward thinkers try to make science fiction into a reality?  Never scoff at the science fiction writer, they tend to have an ability to look into the future for things that make our lives better in the long run.  Never scoff at the science fiction writers, they are likely writing the next page of our future.

If you are not getting what you want from life then change the way you think.

Let's say you are a sales person.  You sell something for a living and have trouble making ends meet. Understand that smart shoppers will shop around and that means most of the people you will talk to about your product will only be shopping.  If they like what they see in your store and they like your prices and personality they will also likely return when they have made up their minds what they want.  Never take it personal if someone is shopping around, that's normal.  Others will be shopping and looking even if they don't have the money to buy something, that's not your fault, don't get your expectations up and don't be disappointed when they don't buy something.  You may hate your job but be glad you aren't stuck in their situation, it's likely they are not as well off as you are.  Make the best of it, smile and be nice.  You never know they may win the lottery next week and come back and buy something, but not if they don't like you.

Let's say you are a sales person or own a dealership.  Let's say your policy is to get a prospective customer's information on contract the moment they come through the door.
The moment a smart person sees what you are doing they will be out the door in a blink and you will never sell them anything.  They will most certainly go somewhere where they feel comfortable and buy something there.  Customers do not like to be hunted or trapped.  When your dealership goes out of business as most of these do don't blame the customers, blame yourself for bad business tactics, learn your lesson and change the way you do business.

Toxic relationships often end badly.
  These being the kind where the man and woman have a love / hate relationship.  They can't live with each other and can't seem to live without each other.  They get together, lust after each other, fight like cats and dogs until someone gets hurt, they split up for awhile then get back together and do it all over again.  These kinds of "dances" often end up with someone seriously hurt or dead.  If you are in one of these relationships just say NO and move on before something really bad happens.

Never give advice to someone who has more experience than you do concerning the subject at hand. 
You don't go onto the bridge of the ship or the cockpit of a jetliner and tell the captain how to fly his airplane or navigate his ship.  However if you do see an iceberg in the way it's all right to notify the captain of the danger.

When your boat is all ready on the bottom of the lake you shouldn't be giving advice to someone who's been boating an area for years successfully
People who tend to break this rule are people who have failed to see their thinking is flawed.  When a person realizes their thinking is flawed they have two options, they can continue to be flawed or they can change the way they think.

Never ask or take advice from someone who's a failure in the same subject area. 
So your relationships suck, mine doesn't, who's more qualified to give advice ?  You or me?

Your looking for a good woman, but you hate children!  You won't find a good woman who hates children.  If you could she would be so much like you that you would hate her to.   Either change the way you think about children or be content being alone and keep your thoughts to yourself.

People who's heart is filled with destain or hate will not have or maintain a healthy relationship and will also find friends difficult to acquire.
  Don't blame the entire world or classify any race or gender as flawed.  It is human nature to be flawed and while some are more flawed than others overcoming obstacles is up to you.  The moment you get out of your own way and change the way you think you have an opportunity to be successful.

Never trust anyone in the music, film or TV industry. 
I've personally lost more than $50,000 working for these kinds of people.  Aside from politicians no one that I know of is more deceptive and cut throat.  They can smile, pat you on the back and pick your pocket so fast you won't know you've been had until you get home.

try to judge an actor's character based on what you see on the TV and movies.  They are seldom the people they appear to be.  Even on TV interviews they put on a face for the public that is misleading.  If you happen to have personal contact with them they might just snap your head off with their razor sharp teeth.  In some cases they might punch your lights out, you know, you saw it on the news!  "Move star punches citizen in restaurant! Starts a brawl!"  Then you have those of religious persuasion who like to get drunk in the bar, tell everyone "they own this city" threaten the police who arrest them, and turn right around and believe they are God's chosen because of their religious beliefs.  What bible are they reading from anyway?  Mine says just the opposite.  Mine says people like them don't go to heaven.  Now back up to my rule that says never take advice from someone who's a failure!

Never send or give a book or manuscript to a professional actor for any reason!  They can't help you in any way and usually won't appreciate the gift.  Some of them may smile and thank you but the moment you round the corner your gift will go into the trash and they will have nothing but destain and bad words for you.  No gift goes unpunished.  Some can be incredibly rude revealing a side of them the majority seldom see.

trust a politician to tell the truth.  They are trained from a young age to tell the people just what they want to hear.  They are artful liars.  Many of them begin at a young age to learn the ways of deception.  Many of them join cults while in collage and swear allegiance to anything and everything but God.  Some of these cults are Druid or Satanic based that require blood sacrifices to dark powers.  They swear upon pain of death never to forsake their contract with the devil, and 99% of them won't, because after that they can't.  These go on to join the allegiance of the Shadow government and the Illuminati.  These are the people who actually do run the world who are working toward a one world government, just as the prophecy has said.  This is the incarnation of the spirit of the Anti-Christ.

ask a friend or loved one to critique your manuscript or script.  If they like you they  they will tell you they like it even if they don't.  If they are honest with you and tell you they don't care for it you may prefer they had not.  It's a tough business.

move to LA thinking you are going to become a screenwriter.  The LA area is all ready full of out of work screenwriters.  Even if your work is more original and better than some of the others they will still sell their work before you will because they have been there longer and know more people in the business.  Hollywood producers buy crap every day because someone kissed the right ass.

Never enter a contest thinking to get your break.  You can have the best screenplay out there but you are more likely to be struck by lighting than to win.   The contest people make part of their living by taking submissions from hopeful new authors.  They know that most of them have spent $1000s and years learning the craft and they are desperate to sell something.  Their intentions are to keep those new authors entering their contests to keep the contest people in a job.  If they were really interested in those screenplays they would be making their money acting as an agent for those new screenwriters.  They would be paying the screen writers instead of the other way around.

join a multi-level marketing scheme thinking your finally going to make enough to pay the bills.  These companies own other companies and that's how they make most of their money.  I know because we were with Amway long enough to be invited into a secret meeting where they explained that in order to make the big money we needed to buy stocks in other companies owned by the mother company.  Right after that our chain all the way to our triple diamonds quit and started their own businesses.  Right after that Amway's mother company changed the name of Amway.  These companies will take your money and someone will laugh all the way to the bank but it won't be you.  Years later Amway returned using the same name.  They do this every so many years to capture the interest of all the new people who don't know what a scam they are.  Yes their products are exceptional, with few exceptions.  No you won't get rich, it won't help you pay the bills because you will be spending so much on their products you will be worse off than before.

Just because a person has a collage education and reads books constantly doesn't mean they are qualified to edit your manuscript.
  Ever see that thing that asks you to count the "F's" in a paragraph?  There's always at least two or three "F's" you never count.  Likewise quite a lot of educated people read a story for the story line itself, not for the quality of the writing.  Some of the most popular writers in history had bad grammar and poor spelling, but they knew how to tell a good story.

The Psychology of Dogs
:  You have heard it said 'there are no bad dogs only bad owners', well there's a lot of truth in that, but it's not 100% factual.  Yes you can observe a person's dog and how it behaves and it gives certain insight into the owner's personality.  It makes some sense that if a person has a badly behaving dog they might not be qualified to raise children either.  I raised and trained one of the best behaved dogs I've ever seen, a miniature Lab, without ever having any education in the subject.  Over the years I came to notice that people with badly behaving dogs often have psychological problems of their own.  Anytime the dog thinks they are the master of the house / pack leader of the home you have a person who isn't really in charge of their own lives despite the fact they usually think they are.  These people are unaware of some of the most important things in life. 
They place great effort into finding evidence to support what they choose to believe in rather than discovering and accepting the reality and truth.  They create the bad behavior in their dogs without realizing they are the cause of the problem.  You have a nation full of people like this and then ask what's wrong with the government?  Really?  Think about that.

Barking Dog example.
  Lets say you know someone who has a hyperactive dog that barks at everything and everyone and jumps on people.  Watch the owner with that dog and likely you will see them agg the dog on with the same kind of hyper energy intended to provoke the negative response from the animal.  "Go get him," etc.  Then can't figure out why the dog barks incessantly at everything or nothing and becomes a problem for everyone who has contact with the dog.  They will run through a door the moment it's opened as if you or the owner were put here to sever them.  In the dog world the alpha dog leads the pack, they are the first through the gate, the first to eat and will dominate every chance possible.  A problem dog will exploit and reflect it's owners flaws.  It's the owners fault the dog is a problem.  If they have kids you will notice they often become problem people with police records.  Violence and defiance of the authorities will likely be an indicator.  If they don't respect their parents they won't respect the laws, authorities or the police.

Table scraps don't give dogs worms!
  Yeah, I know a guy who preaches that without ever thinking what he's preaching.  He's not only willing to preach it you get caught tossing his dog a scrap and he's likely to knock you on your ass!  Why?  Because he believe something that isn't true to the point of infatuation.  Think about that for a moment and understand that if human food could give a dog worms it would give humans worms as well!  Worms come from eggs and most of those eggs don't come in cooked human foods.  A dog is more likely to get worms from eating shit in the their own back yard.  My granddad was a veterinarian and we fed table scraps to some of the animals on the farm.  While table scraps / human food won't give dogs worms there's some human foods that aren't good for dogs for various reasons.  No do not give your dog chicken bones or chocolate, it's bad for them.

Why Civilians Need to Monitor Their Public Servants:
  Because some of them will get away with murder if we don't.  If they think they are the CIA or FBI and no one can hold them accountable some of them are prone to do things that either prove they are incompetent or otherwise unqualified for their job positions.  Just knowing that someone might be listening to their conversations over the radio is enough to keep some of them on the straight and narrow.  The following Pit Bull story is one of these examples.

Pit Bull Dogs:
The most powerful dogs on the planet.  There's a reason why they were chosen for the pit fights.  On the flip side you have heard it said that Pit Bull dogs are dangerous and unpredictable?  Well they certainly can be and the owner may not have any control over that depending on the individual dog. The owner of a Pit Bull needs to place extra special care into the training of their dog.   They also need to choose a pup from a professional breeder and know the line of that specific family of Pit Bulls.  On the chance the dog senses someone who's afraid of Pit Bulls for what ever the reason even a dog that's normally well mannered might "go crazy" and attack someone.  I've seen this on more than one occasion and in the last case the pit bull attacked a family member who's known the dog since it was a pup!  Nearly ripped his hand off!  For no apparent reason.  The owner of the dog reluctantly called animal control herself and had the dog taken to be put to sleep.  I know the dog, the lady is my neighbor.  I've put the dog back into the back yard myself and she was good with me but what made her go crazy and attack someone she's known all of her life?  Previous to that someone's Pit Bull got loose and came roaming the neighborhood put a man on top his car across the road and sent his wife with the baby running for the house.  I went out and called that dog to me to get it away from them knowing that dogs sense fear and can react to it without thinking. I called the dog to me and was petting it and called animal control. 
They didn't comeThe dog wandered off up the street to the north and found another man who was deathly afraid of dogs and before he could get inside it attacked him, had him on the ground and nearly killed him.  I was listening to the police scanner and overheard the entire thing.  3 hours later the animal control man showed up at my house and I asked him what took him so long.  He said "Oh we don't get in any real hurry because the dogs are usually gone when we get there anyway."  I said "Don't bullshit me mister, I was listing to the police scanner and I know you were notified of the dog.  I also know that same dog just attacked a man a few blocks from here and nearly killed him.  If you had come when you were called that man wouldn't be in the hospital fighting for his life."  The animal control man shut up got back into his vehicle and drove away knowing I had him dead to rights.

It makes no difference what you ask for when you know you won't get anything for your efforts.  I've lost track how many jobs I've done in my life that I didn't get paid for. 
I spent over $25,000 to buy professional video production equipment and went to work shooting productions. I didn't get paid for most of that work.  I spent a year of my life shooting the Great Outdoors With Barry Benton, we were on contract for 13 shows and we shot 13 shows.  The way high rollers work is they find a loophole in the contract and they exploit that to screw the people who make the show out of their part of the wages.  We shot the 13 shows but they didn't use the 12th show and it was the best bass fishing show we ever did, it was real, we didn't lie to anyone and Barry actually caught those fish, but it was their loop hole of not using that show that let them out of the deal of paying the help.  The only people who got paid on that year long job were the producers and the 'models' who keep Barry Benton happy at night.  I know because I was often in the room directly across the hall from him.  So when they asked me how much I wanted I said $40,000.  I knew we were not going to be paid for the job.  I had also provided all the video equipment for production and editing of the entire show.  I get $75 per hour from the time I leave home until the time I return home.  I had spent approximately $4,000 of my own money fixing my equipment someone else broke while on the job and another $3,000 for expenses to make sure I kept my end of the contract.  I didn't get a dime of it back.  Is $40,000 too much to ask for professional video work?  Go to Hollywood and see what you pay for it.  I would have settled for having my expense money back but I knew I might as well ask for a year's wages because I knew I wasn't going to get it anyway.

Never trust lawyers, politicians, Hollywood professionals, publishers, police officers, preachers or most doctors.
  In my life the main people who've screwed me over for thousands have been in these fields of work.  These are among a class of people who know the laws, contracts, loop holes and how to screw someone over without remorse.  For me to list the details of all these cases here would be a large and depressing job.  Just take my word for it these people can't be trusted especially if there's money or something of value at stake.

"You've Heard It Before, They Stole My Idea!"
Let's say you are a writer, scientist or engineer.  Let's say someone offers to give you a job or help you with your idea.  Let's say that person is imbedded in some company that makes their money in that business.  You sign the contract with them then your ideas become their ideas.  In some cases they can take you for everything without you signing that contract depending on if you have a patent on your idea.  In some cases especially in the business of writing they can steal your idea with a few modifications and never give you any credit for it at all.  Hollywood is in the business of stealing ideas from anyone and everyone.  That's why the Hollywood lawyers are in litigation constantly.  It's their job to find ways for their writers to steal someone else's ideas and get away with it.  I'll give you a good example.  Zinna Henderson wrote a series of short stories called "The People."  One of these was made into a made for TV movie with Bill Shatner in it.  The name of the place these alien refugees lived was "Cougar Canyon."  When Disney got hold of the idea the people were the same, the story was basically the same but the name of the canyon changed to "Witch Mountain."  Are you following me?  You won't find a credit given to the original author anywhere in the title or credits.  Other production companies will sometimes give credit by saying "Based on the original story by... etc."  Not Disney, they are among the most devious in the business.  If you have a choice don't sell or even allow Disney to see your ideas.  Some of the others are just as bad so be careful when dealing with Hollywood types.

People who have an understanding for how the mind works can deceive you without your being aware of it.
  You can literally think you know how something happened but when these people get done with you you will believe a lie or twisted truth without even realizing how you have been manipulated.

The preacher loves to warn you about the wolves in sheep's clothing but did you know the people the bible were warning you about were preachers and their kin/kind?
That's right, the people who are warning you about the wolves are among the types of people the bible was warning you to avoid.

A preacher and a con artist have the same skill sets
.  They both talk people out of things.  The difference is the preacher does it in the name of God then hides behind verses from the bible to justify fleecing the public.  I'm not talking about donations to a church for Sunday service.  I'm talking when they con people out of hard earned cash and items that are important to them outside of the morning offering.  Then the people find out the preacher never intended to use those things for the purpose they said.  Never intended to honor the deal they made with the one who provided the cash or items.  This is one of the reasons why Jesus was furious and ran the money changers out of the temple in his day.  He doesn't like crooks.  He doesn't like people who deceive others to con them out of their money or possessions.
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Please notice the name "Bryon Smith" as one of those Bill Cooper trusted in the first paragraph.

Bill C. says that Bill Moore knew more than he was saying.  Bill Moore later confessed on video and on TV that he was in fact hired by the government to discredit people like John Lear and Bill Cooper.

Understand that Bill Cooper and his wife were shot to death by government agents in their home for what all practical purposes appears to be his exposing government secrets concerning UFOs and alien beings.