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We host websites for people who may not believe or agree with some of the opinions or findings of other website owners on this domain.  Not everyone who has a site on our server thinks the same so please don't assume they do.  We host sites for singers/song writers, novelists.  We run ad's for author's who books we've never read.  Some of the links and ad's we display are paid ads meaning they pay us for posting their link and ad.

Rule 1: If you can't say something nice it's best not to say anything.
Rule 2: If rule one is confusing then how can you be sure you understand the subject you want to write me about?  Refer to rule 1.

I use this same E-mail address on several of my websites.  Some of those websites contain things that some people choose not to research or agree with for whatever their reasons.  I couldn't care less.

I have websites about God, spirits, ghosts, UFO's and dreams.  You can't speak on these controversial subjects without hitting someone's "nerve" sooner or later.  I've had people tell me in person that such things don't exist and anyone who believes in them is crazy! ;-)  The truth is the majority of people do believe in some if not all of these things.

One man looked me right in the eye and said "
those shows about ghosts are all faked."  That's what he wants to believe that's fine with me.  If that's what you believe please don't bother to Email me.  I can tell you what's fake, fishing shows are faked, I know because I shot the Great Outdoors with Barry Benton and if the director was present during the actual shooting of the show at least part of the show would be faked!  The purpose was to please the sponsors.

I know a lot of the paranormal TV shows have "enhanced" or faked segments in them but I've never done that, but I can recognize some that have.

I have a fishing buddy who is agnostic.  He doesn't believe in the existence of God but admits it might be possible.  He doesn't call me names because I know God exists, who He happens to be and why He did what He did to save at least some of us.  That story is on

I've learned that no mater what you talk about there will be people who visit your website who don't like what you have to share.  There are mentally disturbed people who can't speak without profanity.  They love to tell me to get a life :-)  I had done and experienced more things by the time I was 30 than most people will in their entire life.  I've had a good life and I stay very busy. (Please see the personal column to the right. ;-)

Now and then someone will send me unintelligible hate mail  and I have no idea which one of my websites they are complaining about.  Usually my mail filters remove the message before I ever see it but now and then one of them will slip through far enough the final mail filter will ask me if it's junk or not.  This all happens on the mail servers not in my computer so if you follow my rules and have a legitimate message for me please put the name of the site in the subject line.

At one point I thought I had it all under control.  I thought I had covered all the bases in my Email page so that anyone including those with less than half a mind could follow the rules that applied to them.  I rewrote the page deleting half of it and set out to do other things.  Then I get a message from some person who tells me to stop basing my opinions on what I read in books and get a life.  HA.  They read one of my ad's having no idea that I hadn't even read those books and tried to give me some "good advice."  My advice to them is "don't judge me based on my ads or a line or paragraph or even a page on one of my sites."

I help people with problems and answer questions for people usually every day.  Sure now and then you get a nut case who can't be helped or who has nothing better to do that cause other people problems.  Now and then I get messages from someone trying to help someone else only to have that someone who needs help find the Email and send me hate mail trying to pretend to be someone else.  The last one I got threatened to take me to court for Emailing with a 17 year old bi-polar anti-Christ!  Of course the one sending the message was the bi-polar son who felt threatened that his father had contacted me asking for help with their mentally ill son. 
So if you are Emailing me about a mentally unbalanced person who has access to your Email please DON'T!

Businesses no longer using open E-mail addresses!
They use form mail.
Why? Because of Junk Mail advertisers!

Junk mailers have forced people and businesses to change the way we do business.  They cost businesses billions of dollars, they send sex related ads to children, and they do not care who they hurt.  I was forced to stop using my primary email address for two years because of spammers.  I reactivated it to find floods of spam were still flowing to an address that had been deleted for 2 full years!  I kicked on the new server mail filters and BAM!  That cut the spam down to almost nothing instantly.

As with everything else a few bad people can cause serious problems for everyone else.  Americans are having ad's shoved in our faces every waking moment.  While we sleep our E-mail boxes are being jammed full of illegal advertisements with bogus return addresses.  Quite a lot of the time those junk mails might say they originated from our own mail systems, when we know they didn't.  There are no remove commands on most of these messages and those that do have remove commands are only there to validate your E-mail address.  They not only will not remove you they will sell your E-mail address to other bulk mailers causing your junk mail to increase several times over.  Our government officials are doing very little to help us acting as if they can't locate the source of the junk mail.  The trick is junk mailers move around some but the people who hire them don't.  If someone hires a junk mailer to advertise for them they are just as guilty as the junk mailer, yet they are not held responsible.

Junk mailers have cost us several critical E-mail addresses along with more than 2 domain sites.  We literally had to fold up shop 3 or 4 times because we couldn't stop the junk mailers from flooding our E-mail boxes.

Since our government officials are doing almost nothing to protect us against illegal bulk mailers we must do what we can to protect ourselves.  We can no longer post active E-mail links on our pages because Junk mailers have software that searches for E-mail addresses on our websites.  Our business address for sales became so overloaded with Junk mail hits that we were forced to close down our auto-responder.  Once again we are almost completely out of business on the Internet at the mercy of Junk Mailers who have no mercy.
Mail Filters
Because of this problem we have been forced to run an array of mail filters to weed out and delete the junk mail ads.  These filters scan for key words and phrases that junk mailers use consistently.  The list of frequently used words is massive.  The sources of junk mail bulk mailers are massive.  Some of these sources are now filtered including all over seas sources.  If you are not all ready on our friends list and you are over seas (not in the USA or Canada) there's no point in sending us a message because our mail filters will delete it without question.  We will not see your message.  I'm sorry but if you don't like that then do what you can to stop the junk mailers so we can turn that filter off.

If you send us an E-mail with any of the commonly used words that are found in junk mail we will not see your message.

Do not use words like "Dear sir or madam," "beneficiary," "royalties," "transaction," "You don't know me but," "You may be surprised to hear from me," "Bank of Nigeria," "Dude" or "Hay Dude" or "hello" or "hi" or watch, Rolex, mortgage, loan, games, drugs, Home Owner, Jackpot, sex, meat, tool, or other sexually explicative words or phrases that are commonly used in junk mail ad's of those kinds.  If you do we will never see your message.

We love to help people and answer legitimate questions if we can but because of the nature of our business and expertise we have knowledge of things that certain people and groups do not approve of and choose not to believe in or agree with our findings.

If you read something on one of our pages that you don't like don't bother to send hate mail because odds are our mail filters will detect the nature of the message and delete it.  Please don't waste your time or ours with that kind of message because we most likely will never see it.

Follow the rules and you can send me an E-mail at the following address.

We have some name filters to protect certain E-mails.
Please include my "first last" name in the body of the message.

Send the E-mail to dream-link(at) or dream-link(at)  Change the (at) to "@" and that should work.  Please put my full name at the top of the body of the message.  I have filters that look for my full name in the body of the message in order to protect legitimate messages to me.  Likewise if you are sending a message to someone else at this website be sure to put their name into the body of the message.

Junk mailers do not know our names therefore they don't include them in their junk mail.  If you don't know a person's name who uses an E-mail address on this domain then you have no business sending an E-mail to them.
If we receive a legitimate E-mail from another like ourselves seeking the truth we will do our best to answer, if we receive your message. We also like verification from those like us who have been called via Numbers 12:6-7.