The Latest Updates
and News.
The cancer has returned! When it does that they call it stage 4 and that's the type of cancer that kills people.  That's what I have.

Dr. put me on 6 more rounds of chemo that makes me violently sick.  One day I puked practically non-stop for a full 28 hours after being very sick the day before and was very sick the day after.  I thought I was going to die.

I've endured 3 rounds of chemo and have 3 more to go and we hope that kills it but there's no guarantee that it won't come back, in fact it likely will if we don't find some other method to deal with it I'll either die from the cancer or the chemo.  Dr. said he would keep me alive as long as he can and hope and pray for a cure.

For several years I had been having breathing problems and would get out of breath very quickly with very little effort.  I saw Dr. Vicki Sutterfield about it she took X-rays and said she couldn't find anything wrong with me.  Several times after that I had problems needed a Dr. and she ignored me and refused to return my calls.  I decided that was enough I had to get help from a real Dr. one who didn't play Dr. 4 days out of the week and come to work when they feel like it.

I went to Sparks 71 South walk in clinic and made three different trips telling Dr. Dang that I had problems breathing and the first two times he simply listened to me breathing but didn't do any tests, he didn't see anything serious at that time either.  On the third trip however he had X-rays taken and said "You have something going on in that right lung.  I'm going to send you to a specialist."  He sent me to Dr. Dahdel at Sparks Hospital.

The lung Dr. told me my right lung was filling up with fluid and he operated put some stuff in there thinking it would heal the oozing sores in my right lung and sent me home.  A few months later my lung was full again and we were getting ready to go on a trip to New Orleans to see our youngest, Kristy.  I had told my GP of my situation and she had me go for another X-ray and when she saw it she called me and told me I should be checking into emergency right away that my right lung was nearly full of fluid.  So that's what I did.

I had it drained again and they did another operation on me and this time Dr. Dahdel sent biopsies to the Mayo Clinic.  Then he sent me to a cancer Dr. just down the hall from own office.

Dr. Arzoumanian, the cancer Dr. said I had Mesothelioma cancer!  That wasn't the news I needed to hear.  After 4 rounds of chemo, the last round my wife literally made me go because I wasn't inclined to go by choice.  I was so sick that entire time night and day and couldn't eat.  All my food tasted bad to boot.  Everything made me want to barf it up.  I would eat 3 bites of something I once liked and I would choke and gag and push it away.

Dr. Steliga was my surgeon at the Little Rock University Hospital.  He spent 4:30 hr cutting my right lung up and putting it back together again costing me the entire lining of my right lung and half the lung.  He said he thought he got it all but later PET scans would indicate that some was left behind.  Not much, but enough to concern my cancer Dr.  So now I go for regular CT scans.

was taking care of me but she fell at work broke her right femur near the hip-joint.  She had to have the bone pinned and she's using a walker to get around so she doesn't go very far.  Now I'm doing my best to take care of her.  HUGE thanks to our friend and "adopted son" Matthew who lives here and helps us.

Our daughter Kristy came from CO to help sort, clean and get ready for a yard sale to help get rid of a LOT of things we no longer need.  Her dog Batman was hit and killed by speeding hit and run driver.  That derailed our clean up efforts.  I'm still doing what I can to post things for sale on our sales page.
Being on chemo and with all the health issues going on in my life now I've decided to step down and retire from shooting the plays at the school.  I told my wife to tell them I'll still do my best to make sure that either we or Matthew will come shoot and edit their big musicals.  That's the best I can do for now.

The Ember Reign novels are Kindle downloadable books for about $5 a download.  They are also Kindle select books now so anyone who is a member of that club can download the novels and read them for the price of their subscription.

We are working at this time to get all of these novels in print format as well.


Website News!

I'm making some needed changes to the website to make it easy to find your way around.  People who don't know us personally who need us for business need to be able to locate our business pages and information quickly.

The old site is cluttered with all kinds of family things and if friends and family still want to reminisce the old pages are still here, just use the OLD-HOME link on the new menu.  All the old news, old photos and family info are still out there.

Business News

With all that's happened our mobility and abilities are now limited.  We are still shooting the plays for Southside High School.  We have been shooting for them since 2004.

In order to make things easier on us we bought a brand new disk publisher system.  We can now burn up to 50 disks in a row quickly and with professional quality labels.

With my limited mobility I'm still able to work at my computer stations and making disk duplications is something I'm fairly good at.  The information for the publishing service is on the publisher page.

Video Production

We still do limited video production work.  We have a new 4k camera and a pair of HD cameras that we use.  We even have a quadcopter that we use to get aerial video with.  If we are working a job we can shoot air-born video for no extra charge.

We still do limited video editing work like what we do for the school.  We can still shoot weddings and special events as long as they are nearby and easy to get to, as time permits.  Please see the video production page.