The History of Dream-Link began on a computerized BBS in the 1980s.  It was a dual BBS system shared with ParaNet TAU.

Before we had the Internet Bryon was running a computerized Bulletin Board System that had two BBSs in it.  One was called Rainbow Productions - Dream - Link. and the other was ParaNet TAU.

Rainbow BBS
had family oriented stories and discussions and the Dream-Link area was the discussions of dreams.  We were the first, we were there before the Internet came along and everyone set up websites having very similar names.

It was the original home of good ol Dipwad Dundy "Right there," a fictional character who would message and converse with visitors to the site.  The majority of the visitors believed Dipwad Dundy was a real person named Doug Dundy.  A young man with a "special" understanding of the world around us.  You name the subject he had some unusual understanding of it.  An entire series of cartoons were born from these ideas.  Some of these cartoons can be found here on this website.  These were made into mouse pads and 'T' shirts for those who remembered the good old days.

I've simplified the home page and menu so that those looking for the most popular things on this site can find them quickly.  There's still a LOT to be done on this site and some of the others that we run so be patient we are doing what we can as we can.

We still do limited production work and run a disk publisher / disk duplication system.  I'll have a page up and prices very soon.

The old site is still here, to get to the old home page use the link above.  The menu button still goes to the old menu page because there's a LOT of things linked to that page.

The news button on this page takes you to the new news page.  The button on the old menu still goes to the old pages.
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