Singer/Song writer
You have heard his soul moving spiritual songs on TV and Radio and now you can visit his website.

Jessica Browning
This young lady has the voice of an angel. She also has a few MP3 songs you can download from her site for free.

Wheelworks Pottery
Check it out!
Add-A-Tunes Mobile D.J. Service. You want the best then forget the rest call my friend Steve Leonard!
Dipwad Dundy
Videos On This Website
The video page used the AVI folder which was open to the public.  It can no longer be left open to the public thanks to the hacker attack.  They can't get the files anymore and neither can our legitimate visitors.  These are the kinds of people that are systematically taking our rights away as Americans.
Young Actor's Guild of Fort Smith & Van Buren, AR
For several years Bryon was the official videographer for the Young Actor's Guild and collected numerous videos of the plays.  He built a website using software called "webstudio" that would not run on Windows XP.  The software was later bought out by another company that decided to charge $1000 a copy just because they fixed it where it would run on Windows XP.  Needless to say he could no longer update the website.

This website was kept in honor and respect for the actors who made the productions possible.  Use the link in the menu boxes to the left to view this website.  We love all those talented actors who preformed these plays. Hugs!
Vickie's website!
Robert Allen's Survival School!
National UFO Reporting Center.
Site Spinner
IMSweb Engine

Pool Party
Spooky Places
Ghost's of Pipers
Joe W. Park

They Just Don't Listen!

Need a new website?  Let my friends Sandy and Richard build you one.
The Self Growth Website
For self improvement and personal growth.
Bryon and crew are in Vegas!
It's a job but little by little this domain site is being updated.
Once upon a time it was a man's dream to be in a major motion picture.  Then one day his wife came home and said "Check this out! You can be in a movie!" And you can to, just click on the "Be In A Movie" links on this page and see how easy it is.
Cancer Update 12-11-2019

I've been in a 5 year battle with cancer and I've added a page that gives details on how that fight has been going and why I'm still alive today to keep on fighting.  This page is very important to anyone who has cancer or knows someone who does.  Please hit the cancer button in the menu.

News Update 7-13-2012
My UFO Related Page is on

Sigma Survival School
Robert Allen, (History Channel's Survival Man) is Fort Smith, AR area's expert survival instructor.

Have you ever wondered what wild plants are safe, good to eat, what wild plants have medicinal uses or what plants were deadly poison?  Robert can teach you.  Join his mailing list and learn from the best.  Survival is all that he does so learn from the best.

Please visit his website at and sign up.

There are several Site Spinner and IMS Web Engine websites on this domain.  Some of them are cute and humorous "mouse over" sites. Meaning the pages mostly consist of photos that you can move your mouse pointer over and see new things or dialogue appear.
Comanche 4 Missions
Have you ever bought a game that was just great and before you knew it was no longer being supported by the company that made it?  Thanks to Nova Logic's insight with their development of Comanche 4 it came with a powerful mission editor.  User missions can be found on line.  Bryon builds some of the best user created missions available and the best part is they are FREE!
Comanche 4
He found the Ark of the Covenant.
He found Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant.
bound by hope
The Karaoke Outlet in Fort Smith, AR has a professional tape to CD transfer system and a recording booth!  Create your own #1 single or an entire CD of with you as the star!  They have the tracks, CDs and equipment you need for your Karaoke system!
I met Linda Moulton Howe in 1989 when I was shooting video of the UFO convention there.  She's well known for the production "A Strange Harvest" in which she did extensive investigation into the phenomena of cattle mutilations.

Linda discovered some of the first mutilations that were cut as if by a LASER leaving a hard texture of flesh at the cut-sight.  She discovered that carcasses of animals that came into contact with the mutilators were not touched by scavengers.  These are unlike any other animal that may die of natural causes and then be eaten by insects and scavengers.

Linda's quest for the truth concerning mysterious happenings is unquenchable.  Her knowledge on the subject is second to none.  Her website posts information about strange phenomena around the world.  Click on the EarthFiles graphic to visit her website.
Independent Software Consultants
Bryon was the founder and director of the Independent Software Consultants.  After buying numerous software packages, some at a very high price and seeing they did not preform as the advertisements described, Bryon saw the need to tell others of his experiences before they fell pray to the same traps.  He said "Paper won't refuse ink.  If a company has something to sell you they will most likely be willing to lie to you to get your money."  As a result he established the I.S.C.

The software reviewers were private individuals who bought their own software, tested it and wrote reviews to share with others.  This website was very active a few years ago but as people lost interest in buying their software, testing it and then writing reviews the I.S.C. eventually went dormant.  After testing some very bad software "X-Plane" by Austin Myers and then trying to get the patches he hoped would fix it, and then being told by the software author that he was an idiot, he decided it was time to write a new review.  You will find the review of X-Plane on the ISC website.  You will also find a review about this shoddy software on and

He hopes to find time to write some new reviews about the software he tests and uses.  Use the link in the lower left hand menu to go to the I.S.C. website.
Our friend David lives in Nigeria.  We sent him a camera and film and he took some nice pictures for us that we would like to share with visitors to our website.
Web Page Links
We like to post links to other websites that deal with the subjects we are interested in.  However if your website is on one of those advertiser supported services that causes a POP-UP or POP-UNDER to appear every time someone clicks a link we can not post your link.  As such we had to exclude links that are on the old menu.  We make a few exceptions for close friends and family.
Link Exchange
If we previously had a link to your website and no longer do then it is likely that we checked and saw that our link is no longer on your website.  In the event you replace the link to our site on your site please let us know and we will restore the link to your site.  In the event that your website has malicious programs such as advertising Trojans we will remove our link to your website.  People in general do not like pop-up ads and they loath advertising Trojans.
Check the News Page!
If you are actually interested in what goes on in our lives you need to check the news page now and then. New Vegas Page on line now!
The Adventures of Megan Martin
Novels are Out of Print!
If you ever thought you might like to have the first 6 books in this Sci-Fi, adventure, mystery series you should get them ASAP. Check the news page for more information.  The new novel series is "Ember Reign."

Ember Reign is a HUGE endeavor we have been working on for two years. It is very loosely based on Megan Martin.  Megan is 17 not 15.  The book has language and serious violence.  Not intended for young children.  There's more info on the Megan Martin website.

All of the old websites are still here.
Like a journal of events from our family's history.  Use the links at the top left of this page for the newer sites and the link at the lower left in the Family Box to get to the oldest site we have.  Some of these sites are no longer updated.  Eventually we hope to have a new one up and running that we will try to keep going.  Some of the older sites were lost when we updated our computers to XP and the older website software would not run using XP.  The new software will not edit the older websites.
Ghost Hunt!  2008!
Gold Hill Hotel and Virginia City, NV.  Yes it's true the Spooky Places ghost hunters Laura and Bryon worked with Bill Brown and psychic medium Vickie Gay on a ghost hunt in Virginia City, NV.
They have the links and information to help you find the businesses who can help you.
Sometimes People Just Don't Listen
OR What's Wrong With Hollywood
Have you ever wondered if big shots really do sell their souls to the devil to be in the movie business?  Well they do, and they don't want the American public to know what really goes on in the business.  During the filming of Majestic at the famous Chinese theater on Hollywood Blvd a policeman told me that he believed a great deal of what is wrong with the USA starts out right there in Hollywood.  He blames the movie business for a lot of our problems, and now so do I.  A very well known group involved in helping the mentally ill tells us that one out of every five people have some kind of mental disorder or illness. I am aware the more people you jam together in a city the higher the concentration of the mentally disturbed is.  The more pressure you put on the population the higher the ratio becomes.  Hollywood is literally full of mentally ill people who can't tell right from wrong, yet quite a lot of these people are making movies.  They don't care or understand that giving sick children what they want isn't always the right solution.

Have you noticed that more than 98% of the stuff coming out of Hollywood is sewage?  Impressionable people watch the movies and something in their mind tells them this is how things should be.  They fail to realize the difference between a made up world and the real world.
My Friend Mike