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Domains are now all listed through GoDaddy. keeps sending me notices my domain is due and will be up for sale! HA!

Ember Reign book 3 is now on Kindle downloadable books. Meaning all three Ember Reign novels are out there on Kindle.

This is the Original Home of "The Adventures of Megan Martin" novel series.  Domain site ""
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Dream Link Dream Website
The origional Dream Link brought over from the days of the computerized BBS's.
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For young teens and children who love to read.

The Adventures of Megan Martin novel series will take you on adventures through space and time.

Travel with Megan and her friends as they solve mysteries, defeat the enemy, learn about spirits, face their fears and help those in need.

This novel series is out of print, only a few originals exist. It has been reedited and republish by Publish America under the title "Megan Martin."
If you know anything about Mohammed and the Koran then you should also know the Bible and the Koran both clearly say that salvation and the gift of prophecy were both given to and through the Jews.  Then how is it that a mentally ill homicidal pedophile Arab named Mohammed ended up being called the last prophet and salvation ended up being taken from the Jews and given to the Arabs?  This book explains exactly what happened.
To Error Is Human - To Forgive is Divine
I've made mistakes in my life and some I'll have to live with for the rest of my life.  I've trusted people who I shouldn't have trusted and breaks my heart to say at least one of them was a family member who I looked up to most of my life.  I entrusted him with something near and dear to my heart and gave him thousands of dollars not realizing a "thank you" would be all I would ever get from it as he tried to take even more saying God gave it to him.  In reality he tricked an old man with no will and dementia out of it.  As for the other stuff I'm the one who gave it to him not God and I thought he would honor his original agreement with me but he didn't.  I can't live in that place, I can forgive but I can't forget, and I must move on and not make the same mistakes again.  Since he can't comprehend simple logic this is my farewell to him.

There's little more amusing as well as disappointing to encounter people so set in their dogma and limited understanding of bible and things of spiritual nature.  They are so incredibly smart they can't learn anything new.  He said "There's no such thing as ghosts, it's all demons."  I said "Yes there are demons."  Him & his wife ran for their life.
For many years Bryon has been analyzing dreams for people.  As a lad he occasionally had dreams that began to make sense and then things would happen.  These were prophetic dreams foretelling future events.  Once he realized that dreams could foretell future events he began keeping a log of his dreams.  He has been researching dreams most of his life and has gained a valuable understanding of them.

He had several dreams predicting the Columbia disaster several days before the event took place.  He was so certain of the meaning of those dreams that he recorded the event directly from the NASA transponder as it happened.  He later had prophetic dreams foretelling the Challenger disaster, again several days before the event took place.  He shares these events with his dream research group.  At this time the new Dream-Link dream website is being built and has examples of prophetic dreams on display.

If you have a dream you would like him to take a look at and give his opinion just use the Email address at the top of the page and send him an E-mail.
With the help of a ghost and a cat Megan and her best friend May discover a powerful alien device that allows them to travel through space and time, and much more.

The first novel "Megan Martin" reedited and republished by Publish America is now available.

She's HOT! Real HOT!
Heaven sent us an angel.
She could be your neighbor.
Her friends call her Megan.
But when her eyes are glowing everyone calls her
Ember Reign.

Written for older teens and adults Ember Reign is loosely based upon the Megan Martin series. Keeping some of the characters but expanding on the story in many ways.  In this series we introduce new characters and give Megan and her friends Orion and the silver and gold crystal keys from the very first novel!
PG-13 for adult language & situations.
If you are interested in placing paid ads on our sites please contact us.  We swap ads and we have paid advertisers's links on our menus.
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Bryon Smith
Spiritual Things

  • "I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die and find out there isn't than to live as if there is no God and die and find out there is."
  • "I would rather live this life like it's the only life I get than to gamble on the concept of reincarnation and find out I don't get a second chance."

Many people come to this website for help with the dreams and quite a few search out this website for information about truths of spiritual things.  The world is full of books and people who preach what they read or what they have heard about spiritual things but until a person walks in the spirit on the other side among the spirits they are only just guessing. Yet some of those who are guessing believe lies and in a false god, in fact a demon, and some of them are willing to kill others in the name of their god/demon.

Author Bryon Smith was raised in a haunted house and he will tell you there are spirits all around us.  He has had near death experiences and quite a few out of body experiences.  He frequently taps into the spirit world to viewpoint with other spirits and he is willing to share these experiences with visitors to this website.  What he has discovered might surprise and amaze you.

"I hate religion and religious people for a reason.  These kinds of people nail Christ to the cross every day in the name of God.  They are no better than those who had Him crucified in the first place yet they think they are being Christ like.  They have no idea what they don't know."
Bryon Smith

For many years Dr. Jack Deer preached that God had done away with the special gifts of the Holy Spirit.  He taught that God doesn't speak to people anymore.  And then one day God spoke and he realized he had been teaching lies all those years.

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This domain site hosted other websites, some run by other people.  We have moved most of them away from here to other servers.  If you send a message to someone here be sure their name is in the body of the message.  Send a message to Bryon Smith then put the name in the body of the message. servers on are flawed and and sometimes I can see a message with my MailWasher Pro on the server and by the time I run the mail the message will vanish.  I have no explanation for this loss of mail.  The few important messages I did manage to save I copied from the MailWasher before I ran the mail program.

If I delete an Email address the domain servers still receive collect and fill up the site space without rejecting the mail that no longer has a valid address here.  The only way I can keep the Email cleaned out is by leaving the addresses on here and deleting them manually as needed.  We are moving the domain registration to GoDaddy and I'll have 11 domains there once that's done.  The pointer will still be pointing to Webmasters servers, until our paid time runs out with Webmasters then I intend to move the site and all domains to Go-Daddy and hope to get away from the problems I've had here.

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This entire website now on!  Previous E-mail addresses have changed.  Entire site update likely.  Fighting cancer problems to.
Also available as Amazon Kindle downloadable books!
The YahooGroups mailing list is no longer serviceable.

I can not log in to service or maintain any of it, with any of my three administration accounts.  It does not recognize me as being owner or administrator.  Yahoo doesn't even recognize two of those e-mail addresses as being in the system.  If I can't get into it soon I'm going to close it down.

They have managed to make it so many people who once ran e-mail lists from there can't get into their system to maintain things.

There is however the new Dream-Link group on Face Book and you can join us there at the following link.