This is a Radeon 5750 1gb ATI video card that was bought new and wasn't used long because it wouldn't play my games.  I needed Nvidia cards.  This is a high powered double wide ATI card with driver disk.
<Check Price
On Unit Nearly Like This One>
I paid around $350 for it new.  Will work with just about anything except most of the games that I play.  Will do HD video editing.
This is a Nvidia Quadro 4 video card.
This is a model 380.  It was replaced during an update recently to a newer faster card.  This card does all basic computing (text, Internet, YouTube, up to HD streaming) and lower level gaming.  We were using this card for video editing and gaming.  Needed faster FPS for 4k video work and ARMA 3.
Same exact card listed on E-bay at this time for $65.
This one is about 3 years old.  Asking $50.  Make me an offer.
I'll try to get pictures up on this page soon as I can. I'm literally taking what would be considered give-away prices on these items.

I have a kiln and a truck load of molds, some of them new or like new.  I don't need them anymore.

I have a JVC KY-310 ENG camera with a 2x lens.  I have the portable U-matic deck for it and an editing station to match that includes two full size 3/4" editing decks and control station.

I've got a lot more stuff to get rid of and some of it I would give to someone if they want it.  Check back here again for updates.

Like a yard sale everything sold As Is, no refunds.
Some things will be free or very close to it.

Please Email Me At
dream-link(at)  (You know what to do with the (at) right?  @
Very sturdy 4'x8' stage.  Your looking at the bottom of it beside the house.  It has carpet on top but it needs cleaned or replaced.  This one is a freebie would rather have someone get it free than for it to ruin in the rain.  If you are not interested you may know someone who is.  It would be useful to a school or church or any performer needing a sturdy stage area.
These parts will fit a 1944-47 6.5 hp to 7.5 hp Eljin outboard engines.

I also have two of those engines to sell but no pictures handy at the moment.  I'll post them next chance I get.
This is a Pal 200 watt 10 meter linear amplifier.
It is a tube type.  Has been in storage for years.  Worked the last time it was used and went into storage.
Make me an offer.
Click on images for larger view.
Two computer power supplies from Gateway computers still work.  Were changed out for larger ones.  One is a 400W the other is 450-500W.  (450-500W sold) still have the 400.

Will be talking this over with my IT man to see what he thinks they are worth so I can put minimun price on them.  I'm sure they're worth at least $15 each but I'll see what he says when he gets back.
I have a LOT of other things that will be posted on this page as soon as I can get around to getting pictures of them and get some help.  I'm kinda handicapped, lost half my right lung to cancer so that slows me down and my wife has a broken leg.
This is an old phone modem, old but clean, make me an offer.
Located in
Fort Smith, AR

Asking $65, make me an offer.
Kristy's violin from school.
3/4 size.
In very good shape.
Click image for closer view.

Bow needs restrung.

Asking $100.
Bryon's violin.
Full size.
In very good shape.
Click image for closer view.

Has two bows.  One needs restrung but has two bow refills with it and two bows.

Asking $100.
I do have a mandolin and will post it soon as I find it.
This is a PNY 9800 GT high preformance Video Card with 1gb video on card.
In very good shape.  This is the performance edition of this card and is selling right now on E-bay for $80.  Asking $60, make me an offer.
These are very old computer programs on tape for a Tandy Color Computer.  I had 3 CoCos one was a CoCo 1 which I can still find; the other two should also be in the barn but I'm not certain.  Programs are as is make me an offer.  I think there's still an old computer tape drive out there too. Just have to find it.  I'm not real fussy about the price.  Just hate to throw it in the trash.