I have nothing against someone advertising their products as long as they aren't spamming us.  I have nothing against ads on free sites like Face Book and YouTube.  I hate ads running over the top of the videos and pages I'm trying to read or view, but they do it just the same.

I've also learned there's a system in place that makes it impossible for anyone who has a product to sell or wants to get in front of the public eye without filling as many websites as possible with ads.

The rankings systems on search engines like Google will rank a website higher if it has more websites advertising it than someone else.  The more links a person has to their website the greater the odds are someone will find their page in the search engines.

So I did a search for "half human half angel science fiction novel" and 14 pages later I finally found one of my Megan Martin sites.  I found it again on page 15.  I went through many more pages and never did find a link to my Ember Reign novels, which is the adult version of the Megan Martin novels.

Since no one ever reads these pages anyway why do I care?  I nearly died last year of cancer.  I had half my right lung cut out so I can't breath or do anything like I once did.  My SCUBA gear is for sale now I'll never get to dive again.  My wife who takes care of me fell and broke her right leg right at the hip joint so she has pins in her leg now and can't walk without a walker.  She can't walk and I can't breath!  So our daughter Kristy comes to help us and her dog gets out gets hit by a car and dies, all the work stops this place becomes like a funeral home.

Things like these tend to change who a person is and how they look at life.  Again I ask, why do I care, because as I said no one reads these pages anyway.  So if this gets my novel site a higher ranking on the search index then good deal.  If not I've only lost a few days putting it out here on as many pages as I can.

The American public are having ad's shoved into our faces every waking moment.  While we sleep our mail boxes are being filled with illegal junk mail's.   The American public has begun to record their TV shows so they can skip the commercials, just like I have, because we are sick of seeing a constant flow of ads.  This is psychological abuse upon the on line public.  It causes mental problems for a lot of us.  This affects the American economy in a very negative way.  Some companies are doing research at this time trying to determine just how seriously junk mailers efforts are affecting the American consumers, I was one of the people they called despite the fact we are on the national do not call list!

I was receiving so much spam at my origional dream research address dream-link(at)dream-link.org that I finally had to drop the address.  Several years later I reactivated that address just to see if the flood of spam had stopped and guess what it hadn't!  If spammers ever get an Email address they never let go of it!

I don't see our government junk mailer task force doing anything to help us.  I don't see one thing on your website that tells us what's being done to put Junk mailers behind bars and take the profit out of it for them.  Junk mailers get their money from the people who hire them, not from the people who buy products from the people who hire the junk mailers.

You can't just go after the mailers, you must also go after those who hire the mailers and show them it is not to their advantage to hire junk mailers
.  I should not have to explain to you how junk mailers operate and where they get their money from.

All a junk mailer needs is a mail box number in order to stuff their junk mail into our E-mail boxes.  Internet mail systems must be modified so they will no longer accept mail into mail boxes that do not have the correct E-mail address on them.

Junk mailers have cost me quite a lot of money in time sorting it out and money in lost mail thanks to the mail filters.  Hackers who write malicious code and turn it loose on the Internet have cost me one computer and have taken down my system on other occasions causing me to have to rebuild the entire OS.

The last time the Republican party called to ask me for support I told them I had to give all my money up because of the hackers and junk mailers.  Then I asked them to remove me from their calling list. 
I will not support any administration who doesn't think more of their people than this.

I don't have a problem with Bush fighting a war on terrorists, I'm all for him in that respect but it's time he did something for us right here at home,
assign a task force to take down these junk mailers, people who hire them and the hackers who write malicious code to destroy our computers and disrupt our businesses.  We should not have to have all these filters running in our computers to protect us from the hackers and junk mailers.


Your name goes here.

And then send that to... comments@whitehouse.gov
Junk Mail
My last E-mail to the White House about junk mailers and their effect on the American Public.  Do something to help, copy this message and send it to the White House.  Let them know I'm not the only one who's fed up with junk mail and hackers.  Or write your own message and let them know how you feel about it.